Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts - Central Campus

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Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts - Central Campus

Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts - Central Campus
Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts - Central Campus Testing
111 Huntoon Memorial Highway
Rochdale, MA 01542 (717) 954-0278
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Vibra Healthcare in Rochdale

Western Massachusetts Long Term Acute Care

When dealing with a chronic medical condition, patients often needed extended hospital service that general hospitals are not prepared to handle. The Central Campus location of Vibra Hospital of Western Massachusetts is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and a team of dedicated physicians to accommodate patients in need of long term acute care. We help patients dealing with complex medical conditions such as heart disease and complex wounds target their health goals and build a treatment plan that will help them enjoy a higher quality of life.

Our hospital includes an intensive care unit, dialysis services, complex wound care, rehabilitation programs, pain management, and other departments designed to meet the mental and physical needs of our patients.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Raising Patient Care to Ambitious New Levels

Vibra Healthcare has been providing long term medical services coast to coast for over ten years now. We have always been committed to innovating healthcare to create a more streamlined, personalized experience for our patients. By utilizing exciting new medical research and cutting-edge hospital procedures, we can provide patients with the most efficient and safe medical care available. Our team includes some of the finest medical personnel in the field who understand the importance of providing every patient with a unique healing experience.