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Vibra Hospital of Springfield

Vibra Hospital of Springfield
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Vibra Hospital of Springfield

High Quality Long Term Acute Care Center

Welcome to Vibra Hospital of Springfield! We are a 50 bed facility providing high intensity medical care to patients who need extended hospital stays as a result of acute and/or chronic injury or illness. Our staff is made up of a team of multidisciplinary medical experts who specialize in a variety of areas, including brain injuries, bariatric care, wound care, and more. With state of the art technology and knowledgeable physicians on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our facility is designed to treat long term medical issues that general hospitals do not have the time or resources for.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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What to Expect in Long Term Care

When dealing with chronic conditions that cannot be cured, the goal of the treatment is to improve the patient’s quality of life and help them reach a point where they can live safely on their own. Every patient works with an interdisciplinary team that will be focused on addressing their physical, mental, and emotional needs while working with us. We encourage family and loved ones to take an active part in this process so that we can all work together as a support network for the patient.

Every patient’s treatment program is built from scratch by our team after assessing the patient and learning more about what they hope to accomplish through rehabilitation. To help patients ease the transition between hospital and home, we educate family members on things they can do for the patient to continue their recovery once they have been discharged from the hospital. These are mostly simple precautions that help the patient feel more at ease knowing someone will able to help them after their time with us is over. We do not discharge patients until we are confident they can live on their own without incident.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

    Vibra Hospital of Springfield

    Kevin Stevens admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital with a diagnosis of respiratory failure and refractory SVT. Electrical cardioversion attempts failed twice and he gained about 20 pounds from resuscitation. Despite several attempts, extubation was unsuccessful. During his hospitalization, he was also diagnosed with an ileus, pneumonia, and hypernatremia. Kevin transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield for ventilator weaning and rehabilitation. On admission, Kevin was debilitated and ... Read More

  • Paul H.

    Paul H.

    Vibra Hospital of Springfield

    Paul admitted to an outside hospital on June 15, 2018. A CT scan demonstrated a pancreatic pseudocyst with evidence for pancreatitis and concern for necrotizing pancreatitis after a complicated abdominal history. He transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield for IV antibiotics, wound care, and rehabilitation. Upon admission, Paul was weak. He was unable to walk more than 10 feet with the assistance of 2 therapists. He also required a wheelchair to complete his self-care sitting at the ... Read More

  • Kevin D.

    Kevin D.

    Vibra Hospital of Springfield

    Mr. Kevin Dille is a 47-year-old man with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was admitted to a local hospital with ventilator-associated pneumonia. Kevin had a tracheostomy placed and PEG tube for prolonged intubation. He also completed a course of IV antibiotics. Kevin then transferred to Vibra Hospital of Springfield. Upon arrival at Vibra Hospital, Kevin could only walk very short distances with the assistance of a walker. He was unable to talk or eat any foods. ... Read More

  • Kathleen


    Vibra Hospital of Springfield

    Kathleen arrived at Vibra Hospital of Springfield after being admitted to an outlying acute care hospital for a right periodontal abscess requiring an incision and drainage. Her admission was complicated by sepsis and respiratory failure, requiring prolonged intubation and subsequent tracheostomy placement. She then developed critical illness myopathy. When Kathleen was first admitted to Vibra, she was on a ventilator, unable to sit unassisted at the edge of the bed, unable to stand or ... Read More

  • Carliesha


    Vibra Hospital of Springfield

    Carliesha is a 23-year-old young lady with a medical history of Down’s syndrome, Diabetes, Cardiomyopathy, and Seizure. She was admitted to the hospital due to acute hypoxic respiratory failure. She was mechanically ventilated and had a seizure on 3/1. She was transferred to Vibra for ventilator weaning. She received Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Respiratory Therapy during her stay. Initially, she had much difficulty understanding what everyone expected her to do. She slowly started ... Read More