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At SKY Rehab, the patient experience is of great important. Every patient is asked for feedback, which is used to improve our services. We also like to acknowledge those staff whom our patients recognize as exceptional. Below are SKY Rehab's Healthcare Heroes from the previous quarter.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital Healthcare Heroes: Q4 2019

Did any employee in particular make your stay enjoyable?

  • Gracie – OT is one special young lady
  • All did, but Camille in OT made me smile the most. She did a great job.
  • Melissa in Therapy and the Indiana Redhead, Haley and Rebekah
  • Robin, Therapy supervisor
  • Tammy – OT, Ann – PT, Billy – Nurse, Jeff – Nurse, Sonya, Jann, Jesse, Joseph. Everyone did a great job
  • They were all good.
  • Susan – PT, and Tess – OT
  • Everyone was great
  • Laura – PT, Tyler – OT
  • All of them, especially Housekeeping
  • Amber and Christie. All nurses on the 4th floor were fantastic.
  • Tamera – OT, Lisa R. – Nurse, Lisa – Nurse, Angela
  • Carl – PT was really good. He expressed interest in you personally and he always pushed you.
  • Garry Tucker – PT – I could always talk to him. Lukas – PT, Mandy – OT, Grace – OT
  • PT and OT therapists. Night Nurses.
  • Shanna in nursing was always really nice
  • My night shift tech that was always coming in to check on me.
  • My Physical Therapist was really nice.
  • Haley and Melissa in therapy were really awesome.
  • Tess – Always laughing and putting me at ease, Susan – Good PT experience, Ann – We bonded because she was recently married and my daughter recently married. Autumn, Ireaja, Scott – Very good student with already excellent skills, Drew – did my discharge evaluation in PT, Tess’s assistant – Very attentive to Tess, Joseph – Always attentive, sweet, Candace – big personality but always helpful to me.
    Treated me well. Brittany – OT – discharge help, helped shower, shoulder exercises, Brittany – Nurse. All the staff were very good to excellent.
  • Gary in PT was really very good. Mandi and Grace in OT made it more fun.
  • My nurses were really good.
  • PT and OT therapists.
  • Erin – PT
  • Gary – PT. He was excellent!
  • Layna – OT, Susan – Therapy, Tess – Therapy, Paula – Nursing, Christie – Nursing
  • Brittany
  • Everyone was so good.
  • All of them!
  • Tammy – PT, Anne – Therapy, Night nurses treated me really well.
  • Sam – Nurse, Melissa – PT
  • Mercedes – Nurse
  • Brittany – Therapy, everyone has been really nice.
  • Rick – PT, Night nurses were always so sweet
  • Gary – PT, Grace – OT, Mandy – OT
  • Scott – Student OT- he is wonderful. Caroline – “Hell of a nurse,” Jeff- night Nurse, Simeon – night Nurse- he always helps make me feel comfortable. Amber – Nurse, Susie – Nurse
  • Bailey Peden was especially good. Shan and Rick helped make me feel more comfortable.
  • All of them have been great.
  • Sylvia – very upbeat and encouraging, Amber – always positive, encouraging and helpful, Tammy – very encouraging, pushed me to do my best, Ann – encouraging, good at educating, very positive.
  • Riley – Nurse student
  • Megan- OT, Holly – PT. Both have been super nice. I’m happy with all of them.
  • All of them. I liked all of the techs.
  • Rubi – Daytime nurse – so sweet, very receptive to patient needs. Dr. Little – I liked that he took the time to visit each day. He was very receptive to helping me with the pain in my back and medicating me.
  • Robin – ST, Lauren – OT, Holly – PT
  • Robin – ST, Brittany – OT. Everyone has been nice.
  • Tami – Therapy, Rick – Therapy, Mercedes – Nurse
  • Sam – Nurse
  • Kristie – Nurse, Joseph – Nurse, Roselle – Nurse, Kandace – Nurse, Susan – PT: super knowledgeable, Tess – OT, Layna – OT, Ashton – Therapy
  • Holly, Lauren, Ashton, Tamara, Ashley, Leslie, Tara, Michelle
  • Rick – PT, Lisa Reece – Nsg, Michelle – CNA, Paula – RN, Tamara – OT
  • Tess – OT, Susan – PT
  • They’ve all been super. Holly – PT, Lauren – OT
  • Gary – PT – always good about taking time to focus on personal needs.
  • They were all 100% respectful, courteous, kind and helpful
  • Hannah – OT – Awesome! Always took extra time to take good care of me. Victoria, Susan, Kacey
  • Maddy – Nurse Tech – She was good and was constantly in here checking on me. She treated me really well.
  • There have been several. Ashley – Nurse Aide – was super and real pleasant.
  • Everyone was very sweet. Tess – OT – She was always nice and friendly.
  • Everyone in therapy was consistently impressive and kind.
  • Leslie, Haley, Piji, Tera, Taylor, Lauren, Holly, Nicki, Jessica. Everyone was really good and super nice. Night techs were always great.
  • Gary – PT, Rick – PT, Ann – PT, Gracie – OT, Katie – nurse. Everybody I met were so good and motivated, always reassuring you. Great attitudes.
  • Candice, she is super fun.
  • Everyone was pretty nice.
  • Lara – PT was really good and helpful
  • Tamara – PT, Rick – PT. Both PT I’ve worked with have been great but Rick definitely stands out.
  • Everyone was just fine.
  • They were all so good to me, it is hard to choose a favorite. Brandy in therapy – I love to pieces.
  • Housekeeping was always so sweet and would always ask if I needed anything before she left. Super considerate of my needs.
  • Everyone was fine.
  • They were all good. Holly – PT – was super nice.
  • Susan – PT – was really nice to talk to. Maddy & Victoria
  • Tyler in therapy
  • Everyone was so nice, I can’t pick just one.
  • Every one of them have been fantastic
  • Matt – PT, Hanna – OT
  • They’ve all been good to me.
  • Matt – PT was pretty good.
  • Kristie – Nurse – Always smiling, Hannah – Therapy – Treated me like family, everyone has been real nice.
  • Tammy – OT – was excellent, Ann – PT – did a wonderful job
  • Nurses and occupational therapy were really good
  • Physical therapy is very, very good. Everyone is always friendly and nice.
  • The nurses were good, therapy was excellent.
  • I think they all do a good job.
  • Rick – PT – was super resourceful, easy to talk to, good personality.
  • The nurses were really good about getting snacks throughout the day. Always took good care, especially the night shift.
  • Jesse was always excellent. Ron and Rick were amazing physical therapists and I wish I could have had them longer. All the therapists are very good. Ize (the nurse from Nigeria) was excellent. Most all the nurses, assistants, and therapists were excellent.
  • I like most all of them
  • Everyone was good
  • They were all nice.
  • Lauren – OT
  • Robin – ST – was super sweet, everyone was very nice.
  • Holly and Megan in therapy. Always very nice.
  • Robin – Speech therapy

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