Healthcare Heroes


At SKY Rehab, the patient experience is of great important. Every patient is asked for feedback, which is used to improve our services. We also like to acknowledge those staff whom our patients recognize as exceptional. Below are SKY Rehab's Healthcare Heroes from the previous quarter.

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital Healthcare Heroes: Q3 2019

Did any employee in particular make your stay enjoyable?

  • Tess
  • Joseph, Carolyn, Aleksey
  • Joyce, Andrea
  • Lori, Sonya – answered any question my family had
  • Tamieka, Candace, Lori
  • Carolyn, Joseph
  • Kathy – speech
  • Lisa R., Samantha, Tami, Ariel
  • Lisa, Melinda, Hannah, Joyce, Rick
  • Joyce, Carrie, Linda – Housekeeping
  • Lisa, Jerrold
  • Joseph
  • Emily
  • Amber, Tess, Matt
  • Emily, Lori, Linda – Housekeeping
  • Kath, Lori, Sam, Keeley, Lisa
  • Tess, Hanna, Aleksey, Caitlyn
  • Everybody was good to me
  • Rick, they were all good
  • All were good to me
  • All did their job well
  • I got close to my therapists
  • Melissa – PT, Haley – OT. They both worked me hard but were enjoyable to work with.
  • Brittany and Kathy were real good. Rick works you, but he will get you where you need to be. Everyone was good.
  • Aleksey and Leslie were very nice.
  • Hannah and Matt were more friendly. Latoya on nights was real good.
  • Everyone is really helpful
  • Therapy helped with my fear of falling and safety.
  • Hannah – Therapist, Courtney, Rick was the best
  • Holley, Olivia and Megan in PT/OT.
  • Everyone was great to me. I want to thank all the employees here.
  • Respiratory
  • I had a great roommate.
  • My case manager, Nita, was very nice and helpful. I appreciate everything she did for my brother and me.
  • Ann–PT,andTyler–OT
  • Kat from the kitchen

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