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Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital
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SKY Rehab

Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

At Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital, our team is dedicated to helping patients recover from injuries and illnesses so they can return to healthy, fulfilling lives. We are different from traditional hospitals in that we take in patients knowing that their treatment could last weeks or months. Our facility was designed to handle long term patient needs so that they can have access to the focused care and advanced technology that other hospitals are not prepared to offer.

We are the only freestanding licensed acute care rehabilitation hospital in South Central Kentucky, which means we have a duty to provide our community with access to trusted, effective treatment programs that they would not have access to otherwise. It is with great pride that we offer this important medical resource to the community.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Inpatient & Outpatient Services

Our hospital is outfitted with 60 beds that allow us to treat a large number of inpatients. Our inpatients are typically referred to us from a physician or hospital when they are working to recover from serious medical conditions like spinal cord injuries, strokes, and amputations. During treatment, we focus on helping patients regain their mobility and independence so they can function comfortably outside of the hospital.

When our patients have improved to a point where hospital care is no longer needed, we often continue their care through outpatient rehabilitation. This allows them to acclimate to home life and learn more about what kind of challenges they need help overcoming outside of the hospital. With round-the-clock care in the hospital followed by additional therapy as an outpatient, our patients benefit from a carefully crafted program aimed at achieving a maximized recovery.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • John B.

    John B.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    How many of us can say we have been to the brink and come back, despite the odds against us? John B. can definitely claim that right. John went to an area hospital due to progressive difficulty in breathing, fever and a change in mental status. He was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia. The pneumonia quickly progressed to include septicemia and spinal meningitis, among other things. John remained in an area hospital for almost three months. Four weeks were spent unconscious in ... Read More

  • Rebecca S.

    Rebecca S.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    Folding clothes. Moving around the house working on every day tasks. Suddenly, unable to walk. Then unable to remember anything until waking up in the hospital. This is how Rebecca spent the first day of Spring. As Rebecca became aware of her situation in a local hospital, her condition quickly worsened. It was necessary for her to be air evacuated to Nashville. Rebecca remained in Nashville for a week recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke. At the time of her admission to SKY Rehab, ... Read More

  • Dante G.

    Dante G.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    For any patient planning on a surgery, the hope is that the surgery will be a success and there will be no complications during the recovery period. However, should complications arise following any surgery, patients who are proactive and committed to their recovery will be far more successful. Dante faced this exact situation following his bilateral knee surgery. In the weeks following his surgery he developed Myositis Ossificans. This is a condition in which bone tissue formed in the ... Read More

  • Dale S.

    Dale S.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    Every day we travel down the road, never assuming that in a matter of moments something can occur that will completely alter our existence. For Dale S. that day occurred when he was traveling the Natcher Parkway en route to Owensboro for an appointment. Realizing something was wrong Dale pulled over, contacted emergency responders and was eventually transported to Norton’s in Louisville for emergency surgery. Following a very unique stinting to correct a proximal basilar artery occlusion, ... Read More

  • Donald P.

    Donald P.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    We go to sleep every evening expecting to awaken in the same functional status as when we laid down. What if that did not happen? That's the reality that Donald faced. Donald went to sleep one night, suffered a stroke while he slept and was unaware that anything had occurred until the next day when he fell and was unable to get himself up from the floor. Donald was transferred to a Nashville hospital and scans confirmed that he had suffered a stroke with right-sided weakness, his dominant ... Read More

  • Ed L.

    Ed L.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    We all have those things we do on a daily basis, out of routine or for pleasure; but, how often do we really pay attention to how we complete those tasks? One misstep and our “normal” can be shattered in a matter of moments. Ed was at Mammoth Cave National Park taking nature photos when the unexpected happened. While perching himself on a boulder to take a photograph, he lost his balance and fell backward off of a cliff. He was admitted to Skyline Medical Center in Nashville where he ... Read More

  • Cyesha J.

    Cyesha J.

    Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

    Cyesha J. was an energetic 20-year-old, 23 weeks along with her first child when an event occurred that would forever change her and her family’s world. Cyesha complained to her mother that her head was hurting. In a matter of a few hours she was unresponsive when EMS responded to a call at her residence. Cyesha had experienced a cerebellar hemorrhage. Cyesha underwent a craniotomy with EVD placement and remained in a coma for 4 weeks. During this time, Dr’s told her mother that Cyesha ... Read More