Saebo Rehabilitation Program

Innovative Rehabilitation Therapies for Better Recoveries

The Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital is proud to be a leader when it comes to implementing the unique Saebo Program into inpatient and outpatient stroke rehabilitation. This advanced rehabilitation program uses Saebo therapeutic products, which are designed to improve hand and arm function after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or incomplete spinal cord injury. At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, our occupational therapy team includes multiple therapists who are Saebo-trained, both for inpatient and outpatient applications.

Our Saebo Therapies

In 2010, Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital was awarded a grant by the Horseshoe Foundation, which was used to fund the first Saebo inpatient therapy kit in the Southern Indiana region. We are also the only facility in the area to offer a free trial program to patients meeting the necessary criteria for the program. Our Saebo-trained occupational therapists use a number of Saebo products to support better recovery outcomes for our patients.

Saebo is based on research showing that frequently repeated functional activities can assist in reorganizing the brain’s neural pathways after a catastrophic injury. Our occupational therapists are dedicated to increasing our patients’ comfort and functioning during their recovery. Our Saebo program is a highly successful means of doing this. Many patients report a noticeable improvement after a single session with the Saebo devices. These therapies also combat the “tight” feelings many patients experience after a neurological injury.


This dynamic orthopedic splinting device is used by our clinicians to increase the stretching abilities of the hands and wrists. Because this device moves with your hand, it can prevent joint pain, contractures, joint deformities, and hypermobility, which can result from the use of traditional static splints. The revolutionary stretch technology of SaeboStretch allows the fingers to move through flexion, and relax back into the desired resting position, without therapist intervention. This means that the SaeboStretch can be used for comfortable, prolonged stretching, as well as accommodate various levels of muscle spasticity.

SaeboFlex & SaeboReach

Grasping and releasing are among the most basic functions of our hands and wrists, but this functionality is often compromised after a neurological injury. The SaeboFlex and SaeboReach systems are designed to help patients release their grip by providing tension to move the hand back into an extended pose once they relax their hand. With this system, our Occupational Therapists work to improve the upper extremity and hand functioning of patients who have suffered a stroke, brain injury, or spinal cord injury.

The Road to Recovery Starts Here

After a sudden neurological injury, it is natural to feel overwhelmed by the changes you or your loved one are going through. You don’t have to face these changes alone, however. At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, our experienced rehabilitation experts are here to guide your recovery and help you reach levels of functionality you never thought possible. We’re deeply committed to your care, which is why you can count on our rehabilitation professionals to develop a personalized approach to your recovery.

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