Brain Injury Program

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A traumatic or acquired brain injury can cause huge changes in the life of not only the victim, but also their families. Brain injuries can be caused by outside forces (traumatic brain injuries) or by infections, tumors, or oxygen deprivation (acquired brain injuries), but regardless of the cause, the impact of a brain injury is widespread.

Those who have suffered a brain injury often experience:

  • Medical complications
  • Cognitive and perceptual impairments
  • Emotional impairments
  • Physical impairments

How Our Brain Injury Program Can Help

At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we work to rehabilitate those who have suffered brain injuries so they can live their life with as much independence as possible. We are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and hold a specialty certification from the Commission to certify that we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Our Brain Injury Program staff also have been certified by the American Academy of Brain Injury Specialists.

Our Brain Injury Program has two stages: acute rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation. This allows us to provide appropriate levels of support at different stages of a patient’s recovery to encourage their functioning and independence. Our mission is to maximize the recovery potential of every patient in our care.

Acute Rehabilitation

Most of our work is completed during the acute rehabilitation stage. This intensive program is designed to help brain injury victims over the age of 5, who will benefit from a functional, outcome-oriented program. Patients work with a treatment team that includes their family, physicians, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, certified brain injury specialists, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, case managers, nutritionists, therapeutic recreation specialists, and other professionals.

During this phase of treatment, it is our main goal to return the patient to the community. Treatments and therapies will focus on improving:

  • Mobility
  • Daily living activities
  • Functional communication
  • Swallowing and independent eating
  • Psychosocial skills
  • Cognitive and behavioral skills
  • Patient and family education

We provide therapies, adaptive training, and education to help patients reintegrate into their community and begin to develop their independence once more. We strive to help the patient transition to life at home from the hospital.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

Outpatient rehabilitation is the next step for a patient who has been discharged from inpatient rehabilitation, or a patient who is already back in the community. Our outpatient rehabilitation is less intense but still focuses on re-integrating the patient into their community and supporting their independent functioning. Frequently, our team will work towards reintegrating the individual back into their workplace, school, leisure activities, and more.

Community Education

Preventing brain injuries and raising awareness is also a function of our Brain Injury Program. We offer dynamic prevention programs that are geared for school-aged children. These programs teach children about the brain and its functions in an interactive, fun way. They also educate children on what happens when the brain is injured, and what they can do to protect their brains, such as how to properly wear a bicycle helmet.

If your loved one has sustained a brain injury, our Brain Injury Rehabilitation staff is here to help them recover. Schedule a tour with our facilities to learn more! Contact our staff by calling (859) 955-8386.

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