Family Teaching Program

Support & Education for the Whole Family

Caregivers play an important role in a patient’s successful rehabilitation after a stroke or other neurological injury. Often caregiving duties fall to the family and friends of a patient, which can be overwhelming if they aren’t equipped with the adequate knowledge and skill to provide care. At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we pride ourselves on addressing every aspect of a patients recovery, including the caring support of trained family caregivers.

How Family Helps Rehabilitation

Family and friends are important in the recovery and rehabilitation process since they can provide emotional support, cognitive stimulation, and meet the physical needs of their loved one. They also play an important role in coaching the patient in addressing lifestyle changes and adapting to new limitations. After all, who knows the patient better than their close friends and family? Family can also provide important information to the rehabilitation team, explain how to best motivate the patient, and cheer the patient on as they make progress.

Family Teaching & Rehabilitation: Powerful Healing Through Learning

At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we believe that Family Teaching is a critical part of an effective rehabilitation program. When there is a scheduled Family Teaching day, we’ll ask family members to accompany their loved one to all their therapy appointments and learn more about the patient’s treatment. They also can discover more about what their loved one’s abilities are and get information about how to support their loved one at home after they’ve been discharged. The amount of teaching a family will need can vary greatly, based on the needs of the patient and their family.

Case Managers & Family Learning

Upon their admission to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, every patient will be assigned a Case Manager, who will act as a liaison between the patient’s family and the rehabilitation staff. It is their job to ensure a comfortable patient stay, as well as identify where the family and patient needs additional education.

They will be responsible for contacting the families of patients to schedule Family Teaching days. We will try our best to accommodate your family’s busy schedules, and our staff will be available several evenings a week to meet with your family. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your loved one’s Case Manager.

Outpatient Family Education

At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we also are aware of how important family support is to those who are in our outpatient programs. We offer Family Teaching sessions to help families discover ways to assist their loved ones and help them reach their maximum recovery potential.

Regardless of whether you’re meeting our team for Family Teaching or not, you are always encouraged to ask questions regarding your loved one’s care. We strive to ensure that your concerns are appropriately addressed and that your questions are fully answered. Our staff is committed to your loved one’s care and recovery, so let us help your family however we can.

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