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Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital
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Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

First-Rate Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Care

Medical rehabilitation can be a necessity for patients who are facing serious injury or illness. With our high-quality inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services, Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital strives to maximize our patients recoveries and help them return to their normal lives. Our innovative treatment and rehabilitation programs are run by expert, caring staff, so you can feel confident that you or your loved one will receive the exceptional medical rehabilitation services you deserve.

Learn more about our high-quality medical rehabilitation services in Southern Indiana when you call (859) 955-8386.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Customized Rehabilitation Care

We Focus On Our Patients’ Needs

To develop our world-class rehabilitation programs, we take the time to fully evaluate and understand your rehabilitation needs. Our highly knowledgeable physical, occupational, and speech therapists work hand-in-hand to develop a personalized program that is designed just for you. We will choose the services and exercises we feel will lead to the best possible outcome, but we will work to understand your treatment goals and address your concerns. Let us help you reach your rehabilitation goals, and even go beyond what you thought was possible.

Our compassionate rehabilitation specialists treat our patients as a whole, rather than a list of symptoms. That means it is our top priority to help you reach a point of recovery that allows you the live safely and comfortably at home. We also strongly encourage your loved ones and friends to participate in the rehabilitation process by providing patients with much-needed emotional support, as well as celebrating the successes patients achieve. Our capable staff will work alongside you, so you and your family can look forward to a better and brighter tomorrow.

At Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital, we believe in the power of our patients. We work tirelessly to help them reach rehabilitation goals they never thought possible. Learn how our inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation can help you or your loved one when you schedule a tour or call (859) 955-8386.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Chad H.

    Chad H.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    As a result of a stroke, Chad lost a lot of his strength and the ability to speak clearly. His physician recommended Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital for his recovery. He was glad he followed his physician’s recommendation, as the staff and therapists at SIRH “became my life.” When he started therapy at SIRH, Chad’s goals were to regain his speech so that he could go back to his job as a minister and to regain the independence he had lost due to his decreased strength and loss of ... Read More

  • Harvey R.

    Harvey R.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Harvey Ragland has battled numerous health issues in his life. These include polio in his leg, a heart condition, and twenty years ago, a stroke . That stroke is what first brought him to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for outpatient therapy. Most recently, Harvey came to SIRH for outpatient therapy because of inflammation around his heart and overall weakness. "I grew up in the southern Indiana area and had a trucking business, so I have always known about SIRH and the care they ... Read More

  • Jon T.

    Jon T.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    In January 2011, Corporal Jon Tucker was working full-time at the New Albany Police Department. Jon was living a full life when he suffered a spinal cord injury during a training exercise. The injury left Jon unable to walk or use his hands. "I couldn't even open a sugar packet," he recalled. In need of extensive therapy, Jon chose Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital to be close to home, family, and friends. His goals were to be able to play with his kids, work around the house, and go back ... Read More

  • Joyce D.

    Joyce D.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    These days, Joyce Day wakes up each morning thankful to be alive. Not feeling well one day, Joyce went to Baptist Health Floyd. Tested for COVID-19, Joyce's results came back positive. Doctors intubated Joyce and placed her on a ventilator. She spent the next three weeks on the ventilator in the ICU. Two weeks after that, Joyce was finally ready for the next phase of her recovery. Joyce transferred to Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital for intensive therapy and close medical monitoring. Her ... Read More

  • Harold C.

    Harold C.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Harold Crecelius considered himself a "pretty active, 65-year-old man." He enjoyed mowing the grass, playing on the tractor, and playing the drums and other percussion instruments. A diabetic, Harold said he's been "fooling with his foot for several years." His diabetes had led to neuropathy, including weakness and numbness. The significant nerve damage then led to a condition called Charcot foot . This condition causes weakening of the bones in the foot. After a while, Harold developed a ... Read More

  • Rhett L.

    Rhett L.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Rhett Luecke’s journey has been nothing short of inspirational. Both staff and patients alike at Southern Indiana Rehab Hospital have felt moved by his progress. An engineer for over 20 years, Rhett is married with two children. "I was living the American dream," he said. That was, at least, until his health began steadily declining two years ago. The decline began with a very small slur in Rhett's speech. About a week later, he noticed he was limping. He could no longer go running and ... Read More

  • Leland L.

    Leland L.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Though retired, Leland Lynch remained active, working a few jobs. He filled his time with the things he loves, like family activities and being outdoors. Those hobbies included sledding, mushroom hunting, working in his garden, and especially fishing! At work on Halloween, Leland wasn't feeling well. He drove himself to the emergency room. Tests revealed Leland suffered a small stroke. While hospitalized, he suffered another, leaving him paralyzed on his dominant right side. Leland also ... Read More

  • Mrs. Spicer

    Mrs. Spicer

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    About 7:30 pm the night Mrs. Spicer suffered a stroke, she said goodnight to her husband and went to bed. Other than the headaches she'd been having the past few days, everything seemed normal. At 3:00 am, her husband woke up to find his wife on the bathroom floor. She was mumbling, in a weakened state, and confused. Though Mrs. Spicer has some memory loss, she recalls having trouble moving her leg and hand. Mrs. Spicer was airlifted from her local hospital to University of Louisville ... Read More

  • Mr. Unruh

    Mr. Unruh

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Mr. Unruh had just settled down on the couch to watch some television after dinner with his wife. It was a typical day for the computer technology teacher to that point. But it was about to take a turn for the worse. First, Mr. Unruh complained about being overheated, which he attempted to resolve by removing his sweater. Then, he felt a sudden, sharp pain in his chest. The pain radiated into his neck and shoulder. His wife took immediate action, calling 9-1-1. An ambulance arrived, ... Read More

  • Dennis S.

    Dennis S.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Dennis Sumler served our community for 42 years as a police officer and part of the Clark County Probation Office. He retired in January 2017. Dennis and his wife settled into his retirement by staying active and enjoyed walking together for exercise. That September, after spending a normal day together, Julie and Dennis sat down around 6:00 pm. They put golf on the TV and began discussing what to make for dinner. Suddenly, Julie realized that she wasn’t getting a response from Dennis. ... Read More

  • Gary R.

    Gary R.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gary Reynolds spent his days working 30-40 hours per week assisting patients prior to cataract surgery. Along with his day job, Gary spent long hours cutting down trees in the heat of the summer. One long-awaited Friday off, Gary headed to LaGrange to visit family. During the drive, he began to feel sick. He felt like he was coming down with a virus or inner ear infection. Gary and his brother-in-law decided to take a ride in the country during his visit. Gary recalls the trouble he had ... Read More

  • Joeann B.

    Joeann B.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Completing her morning chores, Joeann Brown realized she needed to feed her outdoor cats. She gathered their food and headed for the back door. Hands full, Joeann attempted to push open the door with her foot. But her shoe got caught in the door, causing her to fall on the hard floor of her sunroom. The sudden and traumatic fall was so loud it woke her grandson, who was sleeping on the couch. He rushed over and decided to call Joeann's granddaughter, who is a nurse. Under her guidance, ... Read More

  • Nancy & Mike H.

    Nancy & Mike H.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Nancy and Mike Hemphill lived a busy life. Full-time jobs. A daughter living at home along with two high school foreign exchange students. All the activities that come along with that. Things changed immediately when Mike suddenly suffered a stroke. On top of handling day-to-day tasks, Nancy was now a caregiver to her husband of 28 years, too. Nancy spent many hours at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. There, she attended therapy sessions, family training, and ate meals with Mike. ... Read More

  • Daniel B.

    Daniel B.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    It was a Friday when Daniel Boone suddenly developed a temperature so relentless his wife had to take him to the immediate care center. Following a diagnostic workup, the doctors sent Daniel to the local ER to have more tests run. When he arrived at the emergency room, he had an IV placed and more tests completed. The doctors diagnosed Daniel with pneumonia and sent him home with medication and orders to rest. By 4 pm on Sunday, Daniel told his wife he couldn't breathe and needed to go to ... Read More

  • Doug C.

    Doug C.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Doug Clifton worked a lot. Putting in 65 hours per week, Doug worked full-time at The Home Depot and part-time in construction. When one of Doug's college-aged sons was in town, Doug took some time off. They attended a Friday night high school football game together. That night, Doug noticed some sciatic pain but brushed it off. He chalked it up to part of the normal pain he endures due to years of physical labor. But by the time Doug said "goodbye" to his son on Sunday, the pain had ... Read More

  • Carla P.

    Carla P.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Carla Popp is a happily-married mother of three young men in their twenties. For the last 32 years, she has worked 60 hours per week as a hair stylist. Carla and her husband enjoy being involved in their church, going to concerts, riding in their Jeep and traveling together. They were thrilled when their youngest son started college. They decided to start working toward retirement and traveling more. As they would often do, Carla & her husband made plans for a trip near their birthdays ... Read More

  • Reita B.

    Reita B.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Reita Barto has been happily married for 46 years with three children. Reita worked as a district manager of a Circle K store for over ten years. In 2010, she was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Then in 2017, Reita was diagnosed with cancer in her lungs, esophagus, and lymph nodes. She was devastated. After seeking treatment in Indianapolis, Reita’s doctor suggested outpatient therapy at Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital. The goal was to get her body ... Read More

  • Carol H.

    Carol H.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Carol Holmes had just returned to work at UPS as a Tug Driver. Having recently undergone a total knee replacement, Carol had completed her recovery process. She enjoyed an active life with her husband, Larry. Then Carol began noticing changes. First, it was a decline in her balance. Then numbness and weakness in her arms. Her hand began to draw up into a fist, and it became increasingly difficult to spread her fingers. Tests revealed that five discs were lying against Carol's spinal cord ... Read More

  • Michelle


    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    In September of 2016, just a few short days after returning home from my honeymoon, I woke up with terribly distorted vision. A few short weeks later, I was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor that would likely take my life. I ended up having two brain surgeries in 2017. One surgery was to remove the brain tumor that had attached itself to my brain stem. The second was to insert a shunt due to complications from the first surgery. For help with my recovery, I chose the Outpatient ... Read More

  • Todd R.

    Todd R.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    Todd Reed was working at his computer on a normal day at the office when he started to feel like his blood sugar was dropping. As a diabetic he was familiar with this feeling, so he continued to work until he had a moment to grab something to eat. After eating, he continued to experience the strange feeling. Then suddenly, in the middle of writing, he could no longer make his hand move along the paper. He became frustrated, but tried to press on but soon discovered he would not be able to ... Read More

  • Karen H.

    Karen H.

    Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital

    In October 2016, Karen Haas was looking for something in her attic. Suddenly, she fell 15 feet through a hole in her attic floor onto the garage floor. She suffered a burst fracture of her C6 spinal cord, broke 3 ribs, a partially-collapsed lung and an ankle injury. After five nights in the hospital, she spent three months in a cervical collar/neck brace and a boot for her ankle. Two weeks after her fall, Karen's husband, Lt. Colonel Bryant Haas, deployed to Jordan with the Kentucky Army ... Read More

Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital News

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