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When looking for outpatient Rehabilitation programs, most people have a distinctive story. Whether they were injured in an accident, had a medical disabling event or just want to maintain their health, they want a provider who will help them attain their goals.

An Outpatient Program Centered on Teamwork
At San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation, we believe you deserve more than an average provider. We believe you need a partner. That’s why our outpatient rehabilitation programs are centered on teamwork. Our clinicians will work closely with you and your physicians to understand your circumstances and customize a plan that enables you to achieve your personal goals.

Our Overall Clinical Goal is to maximize your physical function and well-being after an injury or illness and return you to your job and lifestyle as soon as possible. In addition, we partner referral sources and payers to provide cost effective patient outcomes.

Individualized Programming Targets Personal Goals
Physical therapy treats a wide range of conditions, disorders and injuries. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve your personal goals. Treatments may include a variety of exercises and activities customized to your individual needs, including therapeutic procedures such as:

  • manual therapy (hands-on mobilization of joints or soft tissue),
  • balance, coordination and gait training therapeutic exercise (range of motion, strengthening) and other treatments,
  • therapeutic modalities such as traction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and other pain relieving modalities.

Dedicated Therapists Guide Your Rehabilitation
Physical therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of physical disabilities. It is designed to improve physical strength, range of motion, daily living activities and functional ability, We deliver a broad range of clinical services with respect and consideration for your needs. To ensure the best outcomes our therapists use proven clinical practices and communicate regularly with patients, physicians and case managers.

Start Your Rehabilitation Program Now
Whether you’re looking for relief from pain or working to maintain a healthy lifestyle, outpatient physical therapy with San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation can help you get to where you want to go. Contact us now, and one of our admissions representatives will put you on the path to achieve your personal goals.

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