At San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation, we recognize that a primary ingredient to good health is participation in a regular exercise program. Our community fitness programs take place under the supervision of professional staff in a more structured environment than is typical to the fitness setting. Membership in both SJVR Fitness as well as the Community Pool Program is open to the public.

SJVR Fitness
San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation provides one of the Valley’s few medically based fitness programs. In this structured program, members receive a personalized assessment, including a health risk assessment, cardiovascular fitness testing, flexibility testing and cholesterol and glucose monitoring. Exercise physiologists then guide members through an individualized program and teach them how to use exercise equipment. The hands-on program also includes periodic updates with the members' physicians.

Community Pool Program: Aquatic Exercise
San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation offers aquatic exercise and conditioning programs that are open to the community. Classes take place in the only therapeutic pool in the Valley, maintained at a higher temperature (93 degrees) than typical fitness center pools. Located at the Hospital & Outpatient Center site, the pool is four feet deep with a handrail around the perimeter. A special lift chair is available to assist those in wheelchairs into the pool, and participants have access to a changing area, shower and locker facility. Classes are offered in hydro conditioning, a class for beginners or those with physical limitations, and hydro fitness, water aerobics classes for cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strengthening. Please see our Aquatic Physical Therapy and Aquatic Exercise page to see which program is right for you.

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