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San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

High Quality Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Medical rehabilitation is a necessity for many patients dealing with serious injury or illness in order to make a maximized recovery.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Programs Customized to Meet Patient Needs

When coming up with a rehabilitation program, our knowledgeable physical, occupational, and speech therapists work together to determine which exercises and services will best meet the needs of each patient. The patient plays an important role in this process. Rather than treating the condition, our team works to help patients as a whole. This means we want to know which aspects of your condition are the most concerning to you and what you are hoping to accomplish through rehabilitation. Our team strives to not only accomplish your goals, but help you go beyond what you thought was possible.

One of our first priorities is helping patients reach a point of recovery that allows them to live safely and comfortably at home. We highly encourage friends and loved ones to participate in rehabilitation when possible to provide patients with emotional support. Maintaining morale is vital in these programs, and with our compassionate staff working in tandem with patients to push their limits, we can help you and your family look towards a brighter tomorrow.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Elizabeth & Chris B.

    Elizabeth & Chris B.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Elizabeth is a mother and language pathologist who finds peace in gardening during her downtime. Her husband, Chris, is a father and works as an adjuster. He enjoys boating, cars, and being outdoors. Together they appreciate traveling, especially to Hawaii. One day, after work on a September afternoon, Elizabeth and Chris packed overnight bags intending to spend time together near the central coast of California. This trip was just like many before it except for their transportation. ... Read More

  • Chuck G.

    Chuck G.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Chuck has been enjoying retired life for more than 14 years and has managed to stay active and fully enjoying his retirement. During the course of those years, however, he faced some challenging health scares, but came out strong in the end. Two years ago, Chuck suffered a mild stroke, which left some residual effects such as lower body weakness and some problems with his speech. “I came here to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital after my stroke in 2018. That’s when I first heard ... Read More

  • Lydia O.

    Lydia O.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    In late August, Lydia was rushed to the Fresno Veterans Affairs Medical Center. What started out as severe stomach pain quickly turned into an altered mental status. Lydia began to experience memory loss and found herself lacking balance while standing or walking. “I’m glad my sister got me to the hospital right away,” said Lydia. At the VA Medical Center, she underwent extensive tests to determine what each of her many symptoms indicated. But after a few days at the VA Medical Center, ... Read More

  • David P.

    David P.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    David Petrosyan, 32, was accustomed to working long hours at his auto repair and body shop. As an owner and a mechanic, it wasn’t unusual to see him working long hours to help the business. His contribution to a thriving shop was something he enjoyed and did quite often. One Saturday afternoon, after a busy week at work, David agreed to meet his brother, Sam, and his brother-in-law, Rob. As David prepared to leave, his first instinct was to grab his car keys. Instead, he decided to ride ... Read More

  • Ron H.

    Ron H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    It was the last weekend in February when Ron Hill drove from Fresno to southern California to attend a funeral. He made the most of this trip by visiting some of his family members that lived in the area. The trip was fairly quick and easy according to Ron. Approximately one week later, Ron noticed he was getting sick. He developed symptoms starting with fatigue, cough, and a sore throat. From one day to the next, Ron was unable to overcome his symptoms. Ron couldn’t help but wonder if he ... Read More

  • Enedina & Jose G.

    Enedina & Jose G.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    It was a rainy April day. Enedina Galvan was on her way to purchase new tires for her vehicle. Her brother, Martin, and father, Jose, went along with her. As she drove down the highway, Enedina noticed the steering wheel started to shake. "The shaking kept getting worse as I drove down the highway," she said. "My brother noticed I was having difficulty driving and told me to pull over. But I couldn't." Enedina completely lost control of her vehicle as it veered toward oncoming traffic. ... Read More

  • Don L.

    Don L.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Donald "Don" Luft grew up in Fresno in the 1940s. He recalls his mother and father serving the community, valuing hard work, and most of all, cherishing their family. “I come from a modest upbringing where my parents worked hard to provide for my brother and me. I didn’t know much about material wealth, I just remember being a happy child in a loving home with my family,” said Don fondly of his childhood. These values led Don to live a life filled with appreciation and a dedication to ... Read More

  • George S.

    George S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    George Silva remembered lying in bed one morning not feeling like his “normal self.” It was approximately 6:00 am and George noticed that his legs felt weak. It took a lot of effort for him to get out of bed. His legs were so weak that he held onto the wall as he walked to his bathroom. “Without a doubt in my mind, I knew something was wrong,” George stated. “I started to notice that it wasn’t just my legs, but my face felt strange, as well.” Within a few minutes, George walked slowly ... Read More

  • Baldomero H.

    Baldomero H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Baldomero Herebia enjoys the simple things in life. He is retired and has been a great source of support to his wife. He cooks, cleans and takes care of the up keeping of their home. “I love spending time with my family," Baldomero said. "I have a wonderful wife and kids along with grandkids and great-grandkids. Family means a lot to me.” One day, Baldomero’s life took a sudden change of course. He fell at home, injuring his spine. Baldomero wouldn't be the same again. “It was one of ... Read More

  • Olga A.

    Olga A.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Olga sat in the emergency room wondering what was happening to her. Her symptoms came on gradually, but they had become noticeably worse in the past two weeks. Progressive weakness. Balance and gait issues. Memory loss. At first, Olga chalked it up to her age, but now she wasn't so sure. A few weeks back, Olga's daughter, Shelly, began asking her questions. Shelly thought a fall or other injury would explain the shuffling and short steps her mother was taking. "No, I didn't fall, but I ... Read More

  • Carolyn W.

    Carolyn W.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    It was a beautiful day in August. A busy week was in store for Carolyn, which was nothing short of typical. Carolyn felt relatively well, despite being a little sore from a car accident two days prior. She went about her day as usual, backing her truck up to a hitch – something she’d done countless times with little effort needed. On her first attempt, Carolyn missed. She knew right away, something was wrong - this had never happened before. “I pulled forward to try again, felt ... Read More

  • Isidro P.

    Isidro P.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Isidro had been a patient at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital before. Several years ago, he came to SJVRH after suffering a stroke. “I remember being here before after I had my stroke,” stated Isidro. “I was able to go home and I even went back to work shortly after.” Isidro recalled how the therapists helped him regain his endurance after the stroke, which left him weak and deconditioned. So when Isidro suffered a fall at home, he knew where he wanted to recover. “I was in the ... Read More

  • Robert F.

    Robert F.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    “It was a typical Sunday,” Robert recalled. Robert and his wife started their morning at church, as they did each Sunday. After services concluded, they planned to spend some time golfing. But a minor incident at church would foreshadow trouble ahead. During services, Robert became slightly unsteady and stumbled. He regained his balance and otherwise felt fine. The couple settled in at home after services and got ready golfing. Since they live on the course, Robert drove his wife in their ... Read More

  • Michael


    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    When Michael began experiencing mild upper body weakness, it wasn't enough to disrupt his normal schedule. But it certainly caught his attention. As a former nurse, Michael was aware of the signs and symptoms that would prompt a visit to a physician. He made a mental note to pay close attention to the way he felt the following day. That next day, Michael felt worse. Driving to pick up his daughter, he realized a visit to the doctor's office might be necessary. When he returned home, he ... Read More

  • Sharon R.

    Sharon R.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Sharon, a retired nurse, kept herself busy. She stayed active by doing the things she loved - shopping, spending time with her husband and family, and taking occasional trips to the mountains. During an enjoyable stay at Shaver Lake, Sharon had an accidental fall while reaching for her bed. “I was returning from the bathroom at 2:00 am, reached for the bed, and nearly missed it,” explained Sharon. “I was barely hanging on to the mattress-topper when I started to slowly slide down to the ... Read More

  • Amelia M.

    Amelia M.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    In 2010, Amelia was involved in a car accident in which her vehicle rolled over. This life-threatening accident left Amelia with multiple injuries, including a spinal cord injury. The spinal cord injury left Amelia paralyzed from the waist down. Due to the severity of her injuries, Amelia endured numerous spinal cord surgeries. With each surgical procedure, her doctor recommended outpatient therapy to increase her strength and learn the proper mechanics of transfers and daily activities. ... Read More

  • Rosa


    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    A relatively healthy person, Rosa had no serious medical conditions to manage or worry about. She worked at the local fruit packaging company and lived an active life. She spent much of her free time with her daughter and two granddaughters who lived with her. One day, Rosa felt a slight ache in her lower back. Since the backache didn’t interfere with her day-to-day activities, Rosa was not too concerned. But over several weeks the pain became noticeably worse. Rosa went to her primary ... Read More

  • Gary S.

    Gary S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gary loved his job as a farm manager at a local high school. But one day, while in the field, Gary stepped into a hole in the ground and severely hurt his back and leg. The injury ended Gary’s career as a farm manager and led to some difficult physical challenges. Gary’s life was not pain-free from his injuries, but he was able to live his life independently with his wife and family. Fast forward several years and the pain in Gary's foot began increasing. Over time, he noticed what ... Read More

  • Irene N.

    Irene N.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    It is nearly impossible to believe that Irene is 90 years old. Her amazing wit and recollection of recent and distant memories of her life is remarkable. Just two months ago, Irene suffered a stroke. When the stroke happened, Irene remained calm and started to take notice of the things that didn’t feel normal. “I felt weak and could hardly move my left side,” she recalled. Surprisingly, Irene recognized that her signs and symptoms may be a stroke. She yelled for her son “Hey Roger, I’m ... Read More

  • Valerie C.

    Valerie C.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Prior to suffering a stroke, Valerie lived a very active life. Valerie enjoyed being a homemaker, caring for her family. "I love to take care of my husband, my family, my dogs and spending time with my friends," Valerie stated. "Cleaning, cooking and caring for people really makes me happy!" Like many who care for others, Valerie's lived an extremely busy life. Then one day, a series of events occurred that would change all that. "I had flu-like symptoms, difficulty swallowing, and a ... Read More

  • Terry P.

    Terry P.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Terry was a hard-working family man in the construction business. One day, while at work, Terry experienced excruciating pain in his calf. The pain was so unbearable that he needed to go home. Terry didn’t know what to make of it. Up until this point, there were no signs to indicate any problems. Terry considered himself to be a reasonably healthy man. The symptom in his leg baffled him and Terry knew something was wrong. It wasn’t long before the pain was so severe that Terry called ... Read More

  • Kathy C.

    Kathy C.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Kathy Christiansen is a proud mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and a friend to many. She often speaks of the wonderful people in her life and is truly grateful for every single day. Her beaming smile is proof that a positive outlook can make a world of difference - even with her current health challenges. Several months ago, Kathy had undergone a cervical spinal fusion. Kathy's surgeon recommended physical therapy to regain strength, improve mobility, and speed up her recovery. ... Read More

  • Billie Jean C.

    Billie Jean C.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Billie Jean was diligent about seeing her cardiologist. For years, she had an annual EKG, ultrasounds, and PET scans – all resulting in normal findings. Billie Jean also ensured her chronic kidney disease was closely monitored, visiting her nephrologist regularly. Over the years, Billie Jean learned that preventive practice was an important part of remaining healthy. One day, Billie Jean began to experience weakness and fatigue. This prompted Billie Jean to see her nephrologist. Already ... Read More

  • Jill H.

    Jill H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Jill was no stranger to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. Several years back, Jill required our expertise after undergoing her first knee surgery. Living a very active life style, it was only a matter of time before Jill required a second surgery on her alternate knee. An unfortunate fall ensured this inevitability. As with her first surgery, Jill's surgeon recommended she receive inpatient therapy. Naturally, she entrusted SJVRH to get her back to better once again. It was very ... Read More

  • Robert M.

    Robert M.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Recovering from a heart attack will challenge you. As will recovering from a stroke. But recovering from both, as Robert has had to do, will test what you're made of. A few months ago, Robert suffered a major heart attack and a stroke. “My wife, Mary, drove me to the emergency room because I was feeling sick all week,” Robert recalled. "She dropped me off at the entrance of our hospital. We were at the doorsteps of the ER, then I collapsed." Upon leaving the hospital, Robert and his ... Read More

  • Gretchen


    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gretchen and her family were on a three-hour layover at an airport in Dallas, Texas. Gretchen decided to make the most of her time by calling some friends at a nearby town. Shortly after, they got together to relax, have dinner, and enjoy each others company. On the drive back to the airport, the unthinkable happened - Gretchen’s car was struck by a drunk driver. The direct impact on the passenger side, where Gretchen sat, was devastating. The collision caused the vehicle to flip and land ... Read More

  • Neil W.

    Neil W.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Neil had battled back pain for years and he knew that it would eventually require surgery. Like many of us, he had a busy schedule – working as a Business and Economic Development specialist commanded a lot of his time. After the realization that his condition was worsening with pain radiating down his leg, and much persuasion from his family, he finally decided to have surgery. Neil’s spinal surgery went well, however he experienced unexpected medical complications that stretched his ... Read More

  • Robert B.

    Robert B.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Robert Bills and his girlfriend, Wendy, took a trip to the beautiful coastal sand dunes near Pismo Beach with their friends. After several days of fun and relaxation, the trip was coming to a close. The plan was to head back home on New Year's Day. However, things quickly changed, as their lives would be forever altered that day. On that day, Robert and his best friend nearly lost their lives in an ATV accident. Air lifted to nearby hospitals, the injuries both men sustained were life ... Read More

  • Trisha S.

    Trisha S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Trisha Sanchez's favorite past time was riding her performance dressage horse. As an avid rider, when Trish wasn't traveling or working, she spent much of her free time performing and enjoying her horse. On what appeared to be a typical February day, life changed for Trisha in an instant. Trisha remembered, “I was on my horse doing warm-up exercises and I slumped and fell off of the horse.” Her husband, Joe, recalled taking Trisha to a hospital known for trauma injuries. “They thought I ... Read More

  • Angel V.

    Angel V.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Six months ago, at the age of 19, Angel suffered a traumatic head injury while driving a car. Fearing that help may not arrive in time, Angel managed to call 911 while driving himself and his injured passengers to the nearest hospital. One block short of the emergency room, Angel fell unconscious. He suffered a massive head injury that almost took his life. These life threatening injuries would require numerous surgeries and procedures. Angel’s father recalled, “I remember the doctors ... Read More

  • Gino P.

    Gino P.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    In January, Gino suffered a stroke while shopping with his 9-year-old daughter. Because of his daughter’s quick action and her recollection of FAST , an acronym referring to the signs of a stroke-- F acial drooping, A rm weakness, S peech difficulties and T ime to call 911—Gino was able to receive immediate medical attention. When Gino came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his journey back to his old self, he was suffering from paralysis on his entire left side, he ... Read More

  • Leanne C.

    Leanne C.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    A few days before Christmas in 2015, Leanne Carr was bitten by a brown recluse spider. That small bite led to her body becoming septic. During the months that followed, she struggled for life as her organs began shutting down. She was only able to survive at the cost of amputations of both arms and both legs. Leanne lost her arms below the elbow and her legs below the knee. During her inpatient stay at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Leanne received physical and occupational ... Read More

  • Keith H.

    Keith H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    On Mother’s Day, Keith fell and broke his neck, becoming an incomplete quadriplegic just 6 months after retiring from his job of 38 years. After his injury, he experienced an immediate loss of sensation and movement in both legs; his doctor told him he may never walk again. After months of hospitalization, Keith came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin getting his old life back. “When I arrived at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, I was determined to work hard ... Read More

  • Gary B.

    Gary B.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gary underwent extensive spinal surgery and came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to regain his physical strength and return to his daily activities. “After my surgery, I wasn’t able to do anything and couldn’t even get out of bed by myself,” Gary recalls. “However, from the moment I arrived at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, everything changed. Right away, they were working with me to regain my strength. Without the dedicated team, I wouldn’t have been able to ... Read More

  • Roy S.

    Roy S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Happy Anniversary to me! My name is Roy Salinas, husband, father and grandfather to little Jaxon. I am celebrating my 6 th anniversary as a blessed stroke survivor. With the support of my wife, Frances, and my loving family I have survived. I got dealt this hand like a deck of cards. It takes a lot of work and you have to work because it’s forever. I know what I want! “I’m winning the Stroke; it will not WIN over me!” My stay at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital was about 21 ... Read More