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San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital
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San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

High Quality Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Medical rehabilitation is a necessity for many patients dealing with serious injury or illness in order to make a maximized recovery.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Programs Customized to Meet Patient Needs

When coming up with a rehabilitation program, our knowledgeable physical, occupational, and speech therapists work together to determine which exercises and services will best meet the needs of each patient. The patient plays an important role in this process. Rather than treating the condition, our team works to help patients as a whole. This means we want to know which aspects of your condition are the most concerning to you and what you are hoping to accomplish through rehabilitation. Our team strives to not only accomplish your goals, but help you go beyond what you thought was possible.

One of our first priorities is helping patients reach a point of recovery that allows them to live safely and comfortably at home. We highly encourage friends and loved ones to participate in rehabilitation when possible to provide patients with emotional support. Maintaining morale is vital in these programs, and with our compassionate staff working in tandem with patients to push their limits, we can help you and your family look towards a brighter tomorrow.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Robert M.

    Robert M.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Recovering from a heart attack will challenge you. As will recovering from a stroke. But recovering from both, as Robert has had to do, will test what you're made of. A few months ago, Robert suffered a major heart attack and a stroke. “My wife, Mary, drove me to the emergency room because I was feeling sick all week,” Robert recalled. "She dropped me off at the entrance of our hospital. We were at the doorsteps of the ER, then I collapsed." Upon leaving the hospital, Robert and his ... Read More

  • Gretchen


    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gretchen and her family were on a three hour layover at an airport in Dallas, Texas. Gretchen decided to make the most of her time by calling some friends at a nearby town. Shortly after, they got together to relax, have dinner, and enjoy each others company. On the drive back to the airport, the unthinkable happened - Gretchen’s car was struck by a drunk driver. The direct impact on the passenger side, where Gretchen sat, was devastating. The collision caused the vehicle to flip and land ... Read More

  • Neil W.

    Neil W.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Neil had battled back pain for years and he knew that it would eventually require surgery. Like many of us, he had a busy schedule – working as a Business and Economic Development specialist commanded a lot of his time. After the realization that his condition was worsening with pain radiating down his leg, and much persuasion from his family, he finally decided to have surgery. Neil’s spinal surgery went well, however he experienced unexpected medical complications that stretched his ... Read More

  • Robert B.

    Robert B.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Robert Bills and his girlfriend, Wendy, took a trip to the beautiful coastal sand dunes near Pismo Beach with their friends. After several days of fun and relaxation, the trip was coming to a close. The plan was to head back home on New Year's Day. However, things quickly changed, as their lives would be forever altered that day. On that day, Robert and his best friend nearly lost their lives in an ATV accident. Air lifted to nearby hospitals, the injuries both men sustained were life ... Read More

  • Trisha S.

    Trisha S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Trisha Sanchez's favorite past time was riding her performance dressage horse. As an avid rider, when Trish wasn't traveling or working, she spent much of her free time performing and enjoying her horse. On what appeared to be a typical February day, life changed for Trisha in an instant. Trisha remembered, “I was on my horse doing warm-up exercises and I slumped and fell off of the horse.” Her husband, Joe, recalled taking Trisha to a hospital known for trauma injuries. “They thought I ... Read More

  • Angel V.

    Angel V.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Six months ago, at the age of 19, Angel suffered a traumatic head injury while driving a car. Fearing that help may not arrive in time, Angel managed to call 911 while driving himself and his injured passengers to the nearest hospital. One block short of the emergency room, Angel fell unconscious. He suffered a massive head injury that almost took his life. These life threatening injuries would require numerous surgeries and procedures. Angel’s father recalled, “I remember the doctors ... Read More

  • Gino P.

    Gino P.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    In January, Gino suffered a stroke while shopping with his 9-year-old daughter. Because of his daughter’s quick action and her recollection of FAST , an acronym referring to the signs of a stroke-- F acial drooping, A rm weakness, S peech difficulties and T ime to call 911—Gino was able to receive immediate medical attention. When Gino came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin his journey back to his old self, he was suffering from paralysis on his entire left side, he ... Read More

  • Leanne C.

    Leanne C.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    A few days before Christmas in 2015, Leanne Carr was bitten by a brown recluse spider. That small bite led to her body becoming septic. During the months that followed, she struggled for life as her organs began shutting down. She was only able to survive at the cost of amputations of both arms and both legs. Leanne lost her arms below the elbow and her legs below the knee. During her inpatient stay at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, Leanne received physical and occupational ... Read More

  • Keith H.

    Keith H.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    On Mother’s Day, Keith fell and broke his neck, becoming an incomplete quadriplegic just 6 months after retiring from his job of 38 years. After his injury, he experienced an immediate loss of sensation and movement in both legs; his doctor told him he may never walk again. After months of hospitalization, Keith came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to begin getting his old life back. “When I arrived at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, I was determined to work hard ... Read More

  • Gary B.

    Gary B.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gary underwent extensive spinal surgery and came to San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital to regain his physical strength and return to his daily activities. “After my surgery, I wasn’t able to do anything and couldn’t even get out of bed by myself,” Gary recalls. “However, from the moment I arrived at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, everything changed. Right away, they were working with me to regain my strength. Without the dedicated team, I wouldn’t have been able to ... Read More

  • Roy S.

    Roy S.

    San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital

    Happy Anniversary to me! My name is Roy Salinas, husband, father and grandfather to little Jaxon. I am celebrating my 6 th anniversary as a blessed stroke survivor. With the support of my wife, Frances, and my loving family I have survived. I got dealt this hand like a deck of cards. It takes a lot of work and you have to work because it’s forever. I know what I want! “I’m winning the Stroke; it will not WIN over me!” My stay at San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital was about 21 ... Read More