Visiting Hours

We welcome visitors to Vibra Hospital of Sacramento. Your visit means a lot to our patients, and we encourage you to visit frequently. Our visiting hours are from 9am to 7pm. But if you require additional hours, please check with the physician and the nurse.

To protect our patients, we ask that you please note the safety precautions:

  • Two visitors at a time are allowed in ICU. ICU visitors will be asked to use the phone in the waiting room prior to entering.
  • For our patients’ health, it is important that you wash your hands upon entering and leaving the room.
  • If a Precautions Alert Sign is posted at the patient’s door. It is important to follow these instructions.
  • When visiting with children, please check with the charge nurse for any special precautions.
  • Do not eat or drink while visiting in the patient room.
  • Visitors who are ill with colds or flu should not visit without using a mask for the patient’s protection.

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