What is Vibra Hospital?

Vibra Hospital is a Medicare certified acute care hospital which provides extended acute treatment and rehabilitation to medically complex patients who require daily physician oversight. Our patients are generally transferred from traditional acute care hospitals and typically have a longer length of stay to receive the multidisciplinary treatment they require. After their stay at Vibra, patients are typically discharged to a lower level of care including: skilled nursing facilities, acute rehab or home with home health services.

How Regularly do Physicians see Patients when in a Vibra Hospital?

Daily physician oversight and intervention is the distinguishing factor of an acute care hospital versus a skilled nursing facility. 24-hour nursing care is provided along with daily physician visits. Each treatment team is directed by a highly skilled physician and includes experts in areas such as respiratory therapy, dialysis, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, pharmacy, nursing, nutritional services, social services and case management.

Are Tours Available? Yes!

We realize that this is a very difficult time for families. Having a better understanding of how Vibra Hospital fits into the continuum of care is critical when families are faced with placement decisions for their loved one. Our staff is always available to answer questions or to simply provide needed support during this difficult time of recovery.

Is Vibra Hospital Considered a Step Down from a Traditional Hospital?

No. Vibra Hospital is a licensed acute care hospital and certified by Medicare, where patients receive specialized care for an extended period of time to recover from their catastrophic illness or complex medical condition.

How is the Physician Involved in the Patient’s Care?

Every aspect of the recovery process should be rooted in sound medical judgment. That is why a highly trained and committed physician oversees each patient’s care. This physician directs a team of caregivers, specialists, and therapists, and is an active participant in the treatment process, ensuring that every decision supports the shared goal of maximizing the patient’s recovery potential. Vibra has a wide range of specialty physicians on staff.

Do you have a Dedicated Wound Care Team for your Program?

Yes. Our specialized wound care program has an enviable record in infection prevention, healing of severe wounds and promotion of skin integrity with even the most compromised patients. Our wound care team consists of a board-certified wound care physician and a wound-care certified nurse. They address underlying medical conditions, review the patient’s history and develop a team plan to closely monitor the wound and adjust the course of treatment as needed to improve results.

Do you have Psychological Support?

The members of our case management team have many resources available to the patient and family in the event they need psychological support. We never forget our patients are people. Just as we work to strengthen the body, we also work to nurture the mind and soul.

How is the Patient’s Progress Tracked?

A multi-interdisciplinary team meeting is held on a weekly basis. Family members are invited to attend so that you may understand the plan of care for your loved one. We develop a personalized care plan for each patient, which focuses on the wellbeing of the entire person-not just a single aspect of his or her condition. By working together and sharing information across medical disciplines, our team of experts can concentrate on what really matters: moving the patient forward in the recovery process.

Who Actually Coordinates the Patient’s Care?

Each Vibra treatment team includes a dedicated case manager. While a highly skilled physician supervises the patient’s medical care, the case manager develops a written plan of care and works with the team to set goals and monitor the patient’s progress. This highly personalized approach results in improved outcomes, shorter hospital stays and more cost-effective treatment.

Where do Patients go after Discharge from Vibra?

Based on the clinical needs of the patient and the capabilities of athome support systems, a patient may be discharged to a rehabilitation center, skilled nursing home/sub-acute care facility, or may be sent home, typically with home health care. The Vibra care team provides patient and family education and guidance in making the home environment safe and accessible for the patient after discharge. We encourage family involvement to promote healing, as well as educate family on patient safety.

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