Pain Management

Patients admitted to Vibra Hospital have the right to appropriate assessment and management of pain, information about pain, pain relief measures, and to participate in pain management decisions.

You may request or reject the use of any or all modalities to relieve pain, including opiate medication, if you suffer from severe chronic intractable pain. The doctor may refuse to prescribe the opiate medication, but if so, must inform you that there are physicians who specialize in the treatment of severe chronic intractable pain with methods that include the use of opiates.

As a patient at Vibra Hospital you can expect:

  • A concerned staff committed to pain control and prevention.
  • Health professionals who respond quickly to reports of pain.
  • Information about pain and pain relief measures.

Your perception of your pain is assessed upon admission and at frequent intervals. Vibra Hospital uses a pain scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most severe pain. A “Faces-of-Pain” scale is also available. We encourage the family to be involved in helping the patient care staff identify pain for those patients who are not able to verbalize or otherwise express their pain level.

If a comfort level is not achieved with your present pain medication, please let your nurse know so that he/she may consult with your physician regarding other alternatives for pain relief.

You are the expert regarding your pain. You know where it is, what it feels like and how it affects your life. During your hospital stay, trust your doctors and nurses enough to share your thoughts and feelings. We do not know when and if you are having pain unless you tell us. The best way we can help you manage your pain is to know what you are thinking and feeling.

The goal is your pain relief. Remember that you are the expert on your pain. Since pain may be a problem that changes over time, it is your responsibility to keep your doctor and nurses informed about your pain.

Pain Relief Strategies

Other strategies have been proven to work well by themselves or in combination with pain medication. Some other therapies for treating pain include:

Physical Therapy: specific exercises and activities like hot or cold pack, breathing exercises, and massages are used to help control pain and improve physical functioning.

Relaxation Techniques: stress and tension can make pain worse. Relaxation techniques can help relieve stress caused by anxiety.

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