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Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage
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Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

Helping Patients Regain Function & Independence

Hospital care often ends after the immediate medical needs of a patient have been addressed, but that does not mean that the patient’s journey towards recovery is over. Serious injuries and illnesses can make it difficult for people to do their job, exercise, or even move around the house. At Vibra Healthcare of Rancho Mirage, we provide patients with long-term care through rehabilitation to help them achieve a more complete recovery.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Who Needs Medical Rehabilitation?

Most physicians will inform patients that they should seek rehabilitation services if it can aid in their recovery. However, if you have recently experienced a serious medical event and are still having difficulty moving around then you can and should be proactive about finding out if rehabilitation can help. Patients who have suffered from strokes, neurological disorders, brain injuries, and serious bone (orthopedic) injuries often require rehabilitation.

We provide individualized care to meet the unique needs of our patients. Even two patients who had a similar health issue can have a completely different experience when recovering. We take the time to learn more about you, your goals, and medical history so that we can create a plan that addresses the key points of your recovery.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Hunter B.

    Hunter B.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    For many, 2020 has been a challenging year. Hunter Baldus is no exception. Trained in gymnastics, Hunter was a dancer and enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, and daily swims. "I lived a very active, retired lifestyle," the former cabinetmaker said. In May, Hunter broke his foot, beginning a journey that would change his life. "I lived in a two-story home with the bed and bathroom on the second floor. It became very difficult to get around my own home," Hunter said. To heal his foot, Hunter ... Read More

  • Gary F.

    Gary F.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    As a physician, Dr. Gary Flannery understands how to take care of himself. This includes maintaining an active lifestyle. Working part-time as a physician in Los Angeles, Dr. Flannery had plenty of time to stay active. "I enjoyed many hobbies such as biking, kayaking, and tennis," he said. "Prior to my hospitalization, I was very healthy and independent." The events that led to Dr. Flannery's hospitalization began in the summer. "I developed a DVT for the second time," he shared. DVT ... Read More

  • Richard W.

    Richard W.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    With a strong family history of stroke, Richard Wittke has tried to live a healthy lifestyle. "I haven't eaten red meat in over 40 years," said Richard. "I have adopted a very strict diet. I enjoy walking, golfing, and exercising daily. I was confident I was doing everything possible to prevent a stroke. One morning Richard woke up and spilled a glass of water. "When I tried to explain to my wife what happened, my speech was slurred," he recalled. "My wife called the paramedics and they ... Read More

  • Linda S.

    Linda S.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Linda Shirey is familiar with stroke. "I had a liver transplant in 1991, and during my transplant, I had my first stroke," Linda shared. Four more strokes would follow. "I have been very fortunate to have received therapy and recovered fully." When Linda suffered her most recent stroke, she knew what to do. "I was sitting in my chair at home and suddenly I couldn't control my right arm," she recalled. "I became concerned, so my son drove me to Eisenhower Medical Center." Stroke is a ... Read More

  • Lila C.

    Lila C.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    As a stay-at-home mother of two, Lila Copeland knows what it means to live an active lifestyle. Errands, sporting events, dance classes, and girl scout meetings fill her days. Lila enjoys spending time with her friends, hiking, going out for girls' night, and other activities. Then, one morning, everything began to change. "I woke up one morning and my hand felt stiff," Lila recalled. Over the next several months, the stiffness became worse and progressed from her right hand to Lila's ... Read More

  • Harold R.

    Harold R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    For the last twenty years, Harold Radiloff enjoyed the freedom of retired life. The former environmental engineer spends his days with his wife of 29 years. Though retired, Harold and his wife remain active. They enjoy cooking together and taking brisk walks in the evenings. Harold spent three days a week at the health club and worked with a personal trainer. Recently, falls have become a problem for Harold. "I have been struggling with my balance over the past several years," he noted. ... Read More

  • Bradford R.

    Bradford R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    After his father died, Bradford Roller moved to the Palm Springs area to take care of his mother, who lived alone. "We enjoyed taking walks, shopping, and eating out in restaurants," he said. Bradford enjoyed retired life after working for a company that made architectural products. He was always helping others, be it his mother or his neighbors. "I was helping a neighbor do a project in their back yard when I fell off a ladder and onto my back," Bradford recalled. "A sledgehammer fell ... Read More

  • Larry P.

    Larry P.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    The day Larry Pflieger suffered a stroke was an otherwise typical day. He went about his normal routine until that evening. That's when Larry noticed weakness on his left side. He called 9-1-1 and was taken to Eisenhower Medical Center. After a thorough workup, doctors confirmed Larry suffered a stroke . Larry spent about a week at Eisenhower. During that time, his condition stabilized. Larry was ready for the next step of his recovery: inpatient rehabilitation. Larry lived a busy, full ... Read More

  • Clayton B.

    Clayton B.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    For almost a decade, Clayton Bowling has been severely handicapped. Clayton has had a total of ten operations on his left knee and hip, including having them replaced four times apiece. To get around, he required the use of a walker. "I have become kind of sedentary," Clayton reflected. "I spend the majority of time at home with my wife and dog." Doodles, Clayton's golden doodle, is his loyal companion. "My wife is very busy, and Doodles keeps me company throughout the day," he noted. ... Read More

  • Carol D.

    Carol D.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Carol Davis was less than two days into her dream job when the accident happened. Carol was the new house manager of a recovery home. The job had perks -- free rent, a paycheck, and four hours off in the afternoon she could spend writing -- but it meant so much more to Carol. "I try to change the world with my heart," Carol stated. The fall that happened twice That day, Carol tripped on a four-inch step at the house. In the fall, she fractured her pelvis. The paramedics came and ... Read More

  • Fabian P.

    Fabian P.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Fabian Pena's life was full of friends, family, and activity. He worked full-time in construction with his uncle. After work, he would spend time with his 4-year-old daughter, Ximena. They would barbeque, go to the park, and play with Barbies. On Sundays, Fabian played soccer with his friends. "I would commute from Blythe to Lake Havasu for games and tournaments," Fabian said. After games, they would go to lunch and visit before his long drive home. In between it all, Fabian spent lots of ... Read More

  • Ann K.

    Ann K.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    One Sunday morning, Ann Kenny was working on her computer when the phone rang. Her son, Dave, was on the line. As they spoke, Ann noticed her right arm began to tingle and she couldn't move the computer mouse. "I think I'm having a stroke," Ann said to her son. Dave called Ann's neighbor, Mark, to check on his mother, who lives alone with her dog, Patches. While Dave was on the phone with Mark, Ann attempted to get up from her chair. "I fell on the floor and could not get up," she ... Read More

  • Carole R.

    Carole R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Carole Rogers isn't used to inactivity. A nurse of 47 years, Carole remains active in the community. She sits on the board for the Desert Healthcare District & Foundation and belongs to the Palm Springs Rotary Board. She is passionate about giving back to the community, including volunteering as a nurse at the homeless clinic. Recently, Carole underwent a routine hip replacement at Desert Regional Hospital. She discharged home and was doing well, independent with the use of a walker. But ... Read More

  • Kimberly K.

    Kimberly K.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    "I led a normal, everyday life," Kimberly Kiles said, reflecting on life before her stroke. "I was independent and able to care for myself. I loved taking walks every day and shopping. Being from a small town, there is not a lot to do, so my walks and shopping are very important to me!" One day, in the midst of that daily routine, Kimberly realized something was wrong. Suddenly unable to move her right arm or leg, Kimberly sent her daughter to the neighbor's house for assistance. They ... Read More

  • Bob B.

    Bob B.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    "It started quite suddenly. I was just starting to settle in for the night, watching TV at home with Lexie, my long-haired Chihuahua, when I suddenly couldn’t move my right hand or right leg. I called six or eight times to my wife, who was watching TV at the other end of the house. She quickly understood it was an emergency situation and called 9-1-1. The paramedics took me to Eisenhower where I was given a TPA injection, and where I had a CAT scan and an MRI. A blood clot had gone to my ... Read More

  • Robert R.

    Robert R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    "I was an avid, although recreational golfer. I LOVE to golf, I just didn’t care so much about my handicap. I care more about sharing my love of golf with my grandson and my great-grandson. My wife’s and my life was all about the eight grandkids and the soon to be eight great-grandkids! We would often watch them play sports. Basketball, baseball, soccer; basically anything athletic with a ball. I also enjoyed my extended family at family gatherings, eating and playing Skip-Bo. Being the ... Read More

  • Daniel D.

    Daniel D.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    “Life before the traumatic brain injury was active and enjoyable. Food is my passion and I love to cook and appreciate eating a variety of different foods. I had two mechanical falls not far apart from each other that resulted in a subdural hematoma. I suffered loss of function on my left side and was unable to walk, stand, or hold anything. I was living an independent life and could independently perform all daily living activities up until the first fall that preceded the inter cranial ... Read More

  • Dennis F.

    Dennis F.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    "Prior to my stay at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage, I was very active with my music. I am always busy playing the guitar, working online as a recording engineer and consulting with other musicians, mixing some of their tracks. I have had a rich history in the music industry, working with many high profile musicians, such as the Righteous Brothers and Elvis Presley. In the 1970’s I had a stroke that changed my career path. I went to work for Guitar Magazine and that’s ... Read More

  • Linda R.

    Linda R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    "Life before the fractures was busy because, basically, I run the household with groceries, laundry, housekeeping, cooking and planning for social activities. I also belong to several groups/clubs, I walk long distances everyday for exercise. My injury happened so fast, I really don’t know exactly how it all happened. But here is my best guess. So, I have osteoporosis and my bones break very easily. We were having a dinner party celebrating the holidays. When I went to get up from the ... Read More

  • Anthony C.

    Anthony C.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    As a native Californian, Anthony Cazares was doing what he loved most: mountain biking. After a strenuous ride, he began to feel ill. When he arrived home, he collapsed. and his brother called 9-1-1. The diagnosis was a devastating brain hemorrhage. As a result, Mr. Cazares was placed on life support. Functionally independent before the brain hemorrhage, he had lost the use of the left side of his body. His goal for recovery is to regain his independence and return home safely with his ... Read More

  • Lewis R.

    Lewis R.

    Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage

    Mr. Lewis Rosenberg's story starts in Toronto, Canada. While visiting family in Toronto, Mr. Rosenberg suffered a stroke. In a Toronto-area hospital, things worsened for Mr. Rosenberg. He began to experience difficulties -- difficulty speaking, generalized weakness, numbness and swallowing. His family knew he needed to return home. Home, for Mr. Rosenberg, was California's Coachella Valley. His family embarked on a journey to transport Mr. Rosenberg back to California. There, he would ... Read More