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Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland
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Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

Dedicated Long-Term Acute Care Physicians in Oregon

Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland is proud to offer long-term acute care (LTAC), as well as other extended critical care services, to the local Oregon community. We accept patients on a 100% referral basis from physicians, case managers, insurance companies, and former patients or family members who have benefited from Vibra Healthcare’s services. Our goal is to maximize patient recovery by creating a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and goals. Treating a condition is only half the battle, we believe it is equally important to serve the mental, physical, and emotional needs of our patients as well.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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A Nationwide Network of Medical Resources

Our hospital is part of the Vibra Healthcare network. Vibra Healthcare operates specialty hospitals from coast to coast throughout the United States. As part of the Vibra network, we have access to a wide array medical research and technology. One of Vibra Healthcare’s goals is to streamline the medical system so that patients can coordinate their care more easily and receive the most efficient, cost-effective services. We are elevating patient care to ambitious new levels, and we look forward to helping you and your family.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Matt J.

    Matt J.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    “Positivity has given me everything. Negativity has given me nothing.” Matt Jester If you knew Matt Jester before 2016, you would recognize him as a business owner, a husband, and father skilled in martial arts, and a man who could bench press an impressive amount! That description disappeared when Matt’s pancreas split, spilling poison into his system and leaving him in critical condition. During his eight months at Legacy Hospital, Matt suffered two strokes, flat-lining twice. Recovery ... Read More

  • Randy T.

    Randy T.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    “Life was really good.” That's how Randy Taylor remembers life before his hospitalization. Randy arrived at Sky Lakes Medical Center experiencing acute weakness and flu-like symptoms. Doctors diagnosed him with sepsis and acute encephalopathy due to bacteremia, acute respiratory failure with ARDS, and critical illness polyneuropathy. Randy and his wife, Terri, have always had an agreement. If one says "you need to go to the hospital," the other simply says "okay." "That day, Terri told me ... Read More

  • Karina R.

    Karina R.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    When Karina Reynosa went out for a run on one fateful June day, she never expected her life would change. But during that run, a drunk driver struck the 25-year-old. The accident was devastating. Karina suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and broken bones in her face, neck, arms, legs, and pelvis. The fractures caused internal bleeding. Karina's injuries threatened her life. She required several surgeries and multiple blood transfusions to keep her alive. Once Karina made it through ... Read More

  • Thelma S.

    Thelma S.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Thelma Stilwell is a woman who knows how to beat the odds. Thelma's remarkable story began with what she thought was simply an asthma attack. But after arriving at Three Rivers Medical Center, she found out otherwise. Doctors diagnosed Thelma with pneumonia and started her on antibiotics. Then, Thelma had an anaphylactic reaction to the antibiotic. Thelma's reaction was so severe, she required intubation. For a higher level of care, she was transferred to Asante Rogue Regional Medical ... Read More

  • Michael M.

    Michael M.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Before the accident, Michael Middleton worked four days per week as a delivery driver. "On my days off, I really enjoyed spending my time outdoors," Michael said. "Anything outdoors. Sports, swimming, etcetera." Michael was completely independent, living his life as a "single bachelor." But then Michael was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident when his truck ran off the road. He suffered serious injuries, including complex fractures to his skull, face, and orbital bone, a left ... Read More

  • Richard N.

    Richard N.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    On January 7th, Richard Nystrom underwent open heart surgery at Yakima Regional Medical Center. Unfortunately, he suffered post-operative complications that effected his heart, kidneys, lungs, and digestive system. In the weeks that followed, Richard’s condition spiraled downward. Perilously ill with multi-system failure, Richard was transferred to Vibra Specialty Hospital in Portland due to Vibra’s well-earned reputation for treating complex medical problems. When he arrived at Vibra, ... Read More

  • Scott C.

    Scott C.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    After lying in bed for weeks, fighting what he thought was a worsening flu bug, 34 year-old Scott Cossey could barely move. On the day he fell to the floor and lost consciousness, his girlfriend, Christina, called 911. Doctors at Adventist Medical Center quickly realized that Scott was close to death. He had a life-threatening infection attacking the tricuspid valve in his heart that, when damaged, triggers a series of pathological conditions; among them, fluid backs up into the lungs, ... Read More

  • Mike D.

    Mike D.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Mike Day and his friend, Greg Hulbert, were busy setting up hunting camp in the mountains of eastern Oregon, looking forward to the arrival of the rest of their hunting party the next day. Mike’s eager anticipation, however, quickly disappeared when he felt intense pain and pressure building in his chest. Turning to Greg, he said, “I think you need to drive me to the hospital.” A harrowing 55-minute drive down the mountain trail brought Mike to Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande. There, ... Read More

  • Lorie R.

    Lorie R.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    In some ways, Lorie Raymer’s husband had been training for this moment all his life. When Lorie, an ICU nurse who taught her family how to respond to medical emergencies, slumped in her chair and couldn’t speak, Clyde Raymer knew he needed to act swiftly. Within moments, he called for help. Lorie was seen initially at Providence Newberg Hospital, and when a CT scan confirmed a stroke, she was immediately transferred to OHSU. “Lights flashed, sirens yelped, and they were off,” wrote Clyde ... Read More

  • Judy M.

    Judy M.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Judy Madson of Seaside, Oregon recalls the head cold she was determined to ignore while visiting Austria, one of many stops during the European vacation she and her husband Mike were enjoying last June. It worsened so rapidly, but it was just a cold; why was Mike asking the hotel staff to call an ambulance? Leaving the hotel is the last thing I remember for the next six weeks,” recalled Judy quietly. When Judy awoke from her coma, Mike, who had been at her bedside every day, told her that ... Read More

  • Jason J

    Jason J

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Jason Jakovac was an avid outdoorsman who loved to camp, fish, and hike. At 40 years old, he was accustomed to good health and didn’t worry at first about the headaches and blurred vision he had been experiencing. His symptoms worsened, however, and Jason sought medical attention. Across the desk, the doctor told him the frightening words, “a tumor on your optic chiasm ” - - words which would come to define a turning point in Jason’s life. The optic chiasm is the place in the brain where ... Read More

  • Glenn J

    Glenn J

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    On the "unlucky" day of Friday the 13th this past February, Glenn Jackson knew something was wrong. Never one to pass up a good meal, he skipped dinner and was having such a hard time breathing that he sought help at nearby Silverton Hospital. Hours later, Glenn suffered cardiac and respiratory failure and had to be transferred to the ICU at Salem Hospital. Thanks to the skilled nurses and doctors at Salem, Glenn's heart began to recover nicely. But by March, Glenn was still dependent on ... Read More

  • Eric C

    Eric C

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Just after driving away, 23-year-old Eric Campbell was in a head-on collision with a tree. Within a minute, Eric’s fiancée, Jessica, learned that Eric had been ejected from his passenger’s seat and was lying unconscious near the tree, only ¼ of a mile away from where she had last seen him happy and full of life. Jessica raced to the accident site and held Eric’s hand. Just as life-flight arrived, Eric began to seize. “It all happened so fast. It was pretty scary to see Eric having a ... Read More

  • John B.

    John B.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Driving home from a Deschutes River fishing trip on June 15th, 34-year-old John Baumann was eager to spend his first Father’s Day with his wife, Annie, and their 3-week-old daughter, Harper. He had no way of knowing that he would not see either of them for 7 weeks. A serious car accident suddenly and dramatically changed all his plans for the summer. “I don’t remember anything about the accident,” says John. But Annie, who remembers the unexpected knock at the door and the grave look on ... Read More

  • Sidney S.

    Sidney S.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    A long-time resident of Burns, Oregon, Sidney Spink was hospitalized in January at St. Charles Medical Center for a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat. He was expected to be back to work at ODOT in just a few days. While in the hospital, though, Sidney had a few problems. These complications led to bilateral pneumonia, which ultimately progressed to severe respiratory distress syndrome. As he later recalled, “I went downhill quickly after that.” Sidney’s memory of the days and ... Read More

  • Katy B.

    Katy B.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    It was late July and 28 year-old Katy was preparing to return to college. The only thing dampening her joy was a worsening headache accompanied by double vision. Her doctor ordered an MRI, and Katy learned the unthinkable: she had an inoperable, brain-stem glioma. Wikipedia’s summary of this devastating tumor reads: “Brainstem glioma is an aggressive and dangerous cancer. Without treatment, the life expectancy is typically a few months from the time of diagnosis. With appropriate ... Read More

  • Brenda B.

    Brenda B.

    Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland

    Brenda Bruner’s response to the H1N1 flu was more severe than most people experience. She had been taking medication for psoriasis, her only health concern, aware that one risk associated with this medication is that it lowers the body’s ability to fight infections. The flu, seizing its opportunity, attacked Brenda’s vulnerable body with force. A resident of Umatilla, Oregon, Brenda was seen at a nearby hospital and was immediately transferred to OHSU; the Emergency Department staff ... Read More