Outpatient Rehabilitation

Being discharged from the hospital is a moment of triumph for most people as they have finally reached a point in their recovery where they can live safely and comfortably in their own home. However, this does not always mean that the patient is completely healed. After staying in the hospital to treat a serious injury or illness, it is not unusual to feel somewhat anxious about leaving the facility where a team of medical professionals were ready to assist you in case of an emergency.

Medical care does not have to end as soon as you are discharged from the hospital. Outpatient rehabilitation is a recovery program for patients who no longer need the constant monitoring of a hospital setting, but still require medical assistance to make a complete recovery.

The Next Step In Your Recovery

Advancing to outpatient rehabilitation is an important part of a patient’s recovery. While staying at the hospital, patients do not always realize how their condition might affect their day-to-day life. Once they return home and resume their normal lives, they sometimes experience difficulties they were not expecting. By continuing recovery through outpatient rehabilitation, they can discuss these challenges with their physical therapist and find new ways to overcome them.

Outpatient rehabilitation is beneficial for patients in many ways:

  • Patients can work on making a complete recovery while spending the night in their own home.

  • Patients learn more about what day-to-day life will be like as a result of their condition and can ask their physical therapist to help them overcome challenges.

  • Living outside the hospital means that the patient’s care team has agreed that they can live safely at home and should not experience any unforeseen changes in condition.

  • Making a complete recovery can take time, and continuing treatment as an outpatient is more cost effective and convenient for the patient.

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