Medical Rehabilitation

Working Towards Recovery

Injuries and illnesses affect everyone differently. There is no one treatment plan that serves the needs of an entire community, every patient must be individually evaluated so that a doctor can create a personalized treatment. Medical rehabilitation is a long-term treatment plan designed to help patients suffering from physical and mental limitations restore functionality and regain independence.

Rehabilitation programs are created by physiatrists and physical therapists. At Vibra Healthcare, we spend time getting to know our patients on a personal level and creating a workout plan that fits their preferences and goals. Our physiatrists are extensively trained in musculoskeletal, neurological, rheumatologically, and cardiovascular systems, allowing us to offer a broad range of rehabilitation services to the community.

Rehabilitation can occur on both an inpatient and outpatient basis:

  • Inpatient rehabilitation: This refers to rehabilitation that takes place for patients staying at a rehabilitation hospital. Patients have immediate access to their physical therapy team and go through a carefully paced workout program every day.

  • Outpatient rehabilitation: This therapy is often recommended to patients whose rehabilitation does not need to be as in-depth as inpatient rehabilitation. The major benefit of outpatient rehab is that the participants live at home and only stay at the hospital for a few hours each day.

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Getting You Back to Better

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