Subacute Unit

Post-Acute Care

Some patients who finish their acute care still require in-depth medical attention to make a full recovery. In many cases, these patients are brought to a long-term acute care facilities where they typically stay in a subacute unit. Here, patients receive care from highly skilled medical professionals who focus on preparing patients for life outside of the hospital. These patients usually require advanced technology and a high level of medical knowledge to facilitate their treatment, and are not recommended for discharge until it is determined they can safely function without these services.

Why Do Hospitals Have Subacute Units?

Some people wonder why they cannot remain in the hospital instead of being transferred to a subacute unit. Essentially, hospitals do not have the time or manpower to provide these patients with the extended care they need. It is not uncommon for hospitals to discharge people quickly and refer them to outside clinics where they can continue their care so they can free up space for new patients. This works to everyone’s advantage, as the staff at Vibra Healthcare’s subacute unit focus all of their attention on the unique needs of their patients, meaning patients can receive more personalized care designed to facilitate a faster recovery.

Patients are referred to subacute care for several reasons, including:

  • Advanced wound care

  • IV Antibiotic therapy

  • Dialysis

  • Pain management

  • Intensive care

  • Cardiac and pulmonary disease care

Regain Your Independence

The subacute care team will be helping you overcome limitations that make it difficult to live on your own. Once patients have reached a point where they can safely live comfortably at home, they are discharged from the unit, but this does not always mean their treatment is over. In many cases, patients will continue their treatment through outpatient rehabilitation. This allows them to keep working towards their recovery goals with medical professionals while living in their own home and only visiting the hospital during their actual treatment.

Getting You Back to Better

We create a seamless continuum for patients and physicians to ensure that you get the best care possible.