High Acuity Unit

Focused Care for Serious Medical Issues

In Vibra Healthcare’s high acuity unit, patients with life-threatening or serious medical issues are provided with focused, round-the-clock care by our highly skilled medical staff. Patients are brought here depending on the amount of attention they need from doctors and nurses. The high acuity unit is staffed day and night, and each patient is closely monitored in case their condition suddenly changes and requires an immediate response.

Importance of High Acuity Unit

Every patient, regardless of their condition, deserves the full attention of the nurses and doctors treating them. At a hospital, doctors treat patients requiring various levels of care, and they have to carefully manage their time in order to ensure all of their patients get what they need. This means they must take the time to determine which patients have less serious conditions and can afford to be left alone for periods of time. When a patient’s care requires constant monitoring, they will usually be moved to a high acuity unit so doctors can more easily divide their time between all the patients in their care.

In the high acuity unit, the nurses and doctors working here know exactly what they’re in for. Every patient here requires constant monitoring and attention, meaning the staff does not need to worry about dividing their time between patients—their attention is focused only on the people in this unit. Our skilled nursing team has extensive training in critical care and are ready to act in an instant should a patient ever experience complications. While it can be tough having a loved one placed in high acuity care, rest assured that while they are staying here they have access to some of the fastest and most proficient critical care procedures available.

Getting You Back to Better

We create a seamless continuum for patients and physicians to ensure that you get the best care possible.