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Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana
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Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

We Are Dedicated to Providing Outstanding Patient Outcomes

Your medical care is nothing that should ever be short-changed. Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana is a long-term acute care medical center that provides patients with extended critical care that traditional hospitals are not designed for. Physicians and hospitals refer patients to us when it becomes clear that a patient requires additional care from medical professionals focused on long term recovery goals. Our team consists of a multi-disciplinary team of medical experts in fields such as neurology, wound care, pulmonary, infectious disease care, endocrinology, and more.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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High Quality, State-of-the-Art Facilities

We are a 40 bed licensed hospital. All of our rooms are private with their own bathroom and shower. Patients receive daily visits from their physician who will be monitoring their progress and adjust treatment as required. To help patients overcome physical limitations that may have resulted from their injury or illness, we have a team of onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

It is our job to provide patients with the extended care that other hospitals can’t. As part of the nationally renowned Vibra Healthcare network, we are able to offer some the most advanced and effective treatments currently available.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Linda E.

    Linda E.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Each day, Linda Evans delivers the mail to the people of Michigan City, IN. Linda, 41, takes pride in her job as a mail carrier. After completing her deliveries, Linda returns home to her loving family. A passionate animal lover and rescuer, her family includes three dogs: Pepper, Murphy, and Puck. While on her mail route one day, Linda was involved in a serious car accident. The trauma Linda suffered in the accident left Linda with multiple life-altering injuries. Longing to return to ... Read More

  • Jacqueline H.

    Jacqueline H.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Jacqueline Hillard, 70, loves her two granddaughters so much that she moved back to Indiana from sunny Florida to be with them. Jacqueline and her husband, Jim, retired from The Campbell Soup Company in Ohio, where they met. They moved to Florida after retirement. A new career of crafting and taking care of their two beautiful granddaughters (ages 4 & 5) captured their hearts and became their new norm. In November, Jacqueline underwent an amputation of her left foot. She had hopes of a ... Read More

  • Dolores M.

    Dolores M.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Dolores Martinez, age 78, is full of life. She is an avid bowler and loves to shop. Her greatest love is her family, which is evident in their interactions together. Dolores’ children grew concerned when she started to feel sick and weak and was unable to get better from a cold. Dolores was immediately taken to the hospital. Her condition worsened and doctors were determined to find the cause of her illness. They discovered that she had contracted West Nile Virus. She was placed on a ... Read More

  • James K.

    James K.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    57-year-old James Keilman is the embodiment of positivity. He takes lemons, turns them into lemonade and shares with those around him. James is a retired Sergeant after many years in law enforcement. He has worked with children in juvenile detention centers and worked as a liaison for the Boys & Girls Club. He continues to mentor children today. James’s eyes light up when he talks of his own grandsons and his wife, Lorraine. The couple recently celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary. ... Read More

  • John C.

    John C.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    84-year-old John Clark Jr. is an inquisitive person. He loves reading, researching topics and learning about everything he can. After working hard for many years, John retired in 1999 and has kept Barnes & Noble in business ever since. He loves spending time at home with his wife and dog, Dougan and enjoys the home he worked hard to own. Everything was going well until John began feeling short of breath and was admitted to the hospital. John was suffering from respiratory failure and ... Read More

  • Rodney H.

    Rodney H.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Recently retired Rodney Heldt, 53, had worked most of his life and was looking forward to days full of rest and relaxation. His dog, Sophie, was ready to have her partner in crime by her side. The two were enjoying each other’s company when Sophie decided she was going to run down the stairs and play in the yard, Mr. Heldt was on her tail. Rodney’s fall almost cost him his life. Rodney sustained multiple rib fractures and a collarbone fracture from the fall. He developed pneumonia which ... Read More

  • Sharon C.

    Sharon C.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Sharon Cunningham, 67, has a passion for the outdoors. Her eyes light up when she talks of her birdhouses and gardening. She has handmade birdhouses that she can’t wait to use in the summer. Sharon has lived with COPD for 20 years, but she hasn’t allowed that to slow her down. There is a quiet strength about her and she powers through everything with a smile. This strength is what helped her get through the toughest seven weeks of her life. Sharon was having trouble breathing due to COPD ... Read More

  • Brian W.

    Brian W.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    49-year-old Brian Wynstra is a hard worker and loving husband to Robyn. The love they have for each other is obvious. In January 2018 they welcomed a new grandson into their world. Brian was on his way home from work, excited to see the new addition to the family when suddenly everybody’s life changed. While at a standstill on the highway, he was rear-ended by a semi-truck going 67 MPH. The impact left Brian trapped in the car. Once freed, he was airlifted to a trauma center. He suffered ... Read More

  • Bill J.

    Bill J.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    William "Bill" Johnson is a 63-year-old male who came to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana after a long stay in the ICU at a local short-term acute care hospital. Bill was diagnosed with tongue cancer and was receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy. He developed several complications including severe respiratory failure, sepsis and even required a ventilator to help him breathe. When Bill arrived at Vibra he was unable to stand, he was disoriented and still required the ... Read More

  • Chad H.

    Chad H.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    In September of 2016, Chad Holland had the first of three back surgeries. With each surgery, the pain he felt in his back and the rest of his body worsened. It was so bad that Chad ended up having to be admitted back into the hospital. They found that he had developed an infection in the spaces between disks which were causing them to collapse. Chad was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana for antibiotic therapy and wound care. Due to the severity of his infection, he ... Read More

  • Harold W.

    Harold W.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Harold Washington had a previous history of stroke and was in the hospital for IV antibiotics and wound care when he developed acute respiratory failure. The 68-year-old required a ventilator to help him breathe and ended up with a tracheostomy. His wounds even became worse. Harold needed more intense care for a longer period of time so he was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana. Upon arrival at Vibra, Harold was on a ventilator; he was unable to stand and had a feeding ... Read More

  • Valerie H.

    Valerie H.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Valerie Hopkins, 57, loves being a grandmother to her 28 grandchildren. She loves their inquisitive nature and watching them grow into adulthood. Looking at Valerie, one would not guess she is a grandmother. Her youthful appearance and positive personality are what help her stay young. Everything seemed great in Valerie’s life until she started experiencing abdominal pain. In October of 2017, Valerie was admitted to a local hospital where it was discovered that she suffered from Crohn’s ... Read More

  • Bozidar V.

    Bozidar V.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    Married for 43 years, Bozidar Vezmar and his wife have had a long, loving life together. They traveled to the United States at a chance for a better life and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Vezmars love to travel, with their top destination choice being anywhere tropical. Mr. Vezmar’s other passion is to be creative, he constructs anything from beautiful birdhouses built from the ground up to delicious and intricate edible arrangements pieces for all of his family’s ... Read More

  • Destiny K.

    Destiny K.

    Vibra Hospital of Northwestern Indiana

    22-year-old Destiny Kiest has a passion to help others, “I don’t believe people are bad, I believe they are in bad situations”. With her career path chosen, she was excited to begin her journey into social work. Her other passion was baking; she had started baking for family and friends and eventually started selling her creations to a local diner in her home town. Destiny’s future was bright until she was suddenly admitted to the hospital emergency room with a severe abdomen wound. ... Read More