Therapy Services

Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy are available for patients at Vibra Hospital and Vista View Care Center. Each patient receives therapy services based on his/her individual needs and ability to participate.

  • Physical Therapy: may involve strengthening and range of motion exercises to promote independence with getting in and out of bed, getting up and down from chairs, walking, and being able to climb stairs.
  • Occupational Therapy: may involve training with specific daily living activities such as getting dressed, bathing, and brushing hair and teeth.
  • Speech Therapy: may involve activities to improve the ability to communicate wishes and needs. Speech therapy is also involved with assessing and improving the ability to swallow food and liquids safely, as these functions can be impacted after prolonged ventilator/tracheostomy support.

Each patient’s unique therapy care plan is designed to facilitate functional recovery within the limitations imposed by the patient’s medical conditions and needs. Therapy programs typically progress in intensity and number of hours per day as a patient’s medical conditions resolve.

Getting You Back to Better

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