The National Medical Advisory Committee (NMAC)

Vibra Healthcare’s Semi-Annual Conference

Vibra Healthcare consists of health clinics spread throughout the United States. Every year, our skilled medical staff picks up new knowledge and experience that make them into better, more efficient physicians. The National Medical Advisory Committee is a semi-annual conference where our medical staff leaders can meet and discuss the latest developments in medicine.

One Doctor’s Experiences Benefit Countless Others

Imagine that you spent the past year practicing medicine. In your local community, many people suffer from kidney diseases. When the year is over, you have treated countless kidney disease patients and learned more about what treatments work more efficiently on what people.

Across the country, another doctor lives in an area where many people have been diagnosed with heart disease. In the course of a year, he or she will prescribe numerous different treatments for heart disease and, much like you, have a better understanding of how to fight the disease efficiently.

At the end of the year, both of you attend the NMAC conference, where you tell other medical professionals about what you’ve learned about kidney disease and listen in on a conference where your counterpart discusses heart disease.

This is a major benefit of NMAC: A hive of medical professionals where the latest ideas and experiences are exchanged, effectively making one person’s progress accessible to everyone in the Vibra Healthcare network.

Building a Unified Medical Community

NMAC offers medical professionals a chance to collaborate and come up with new ideas for treating patients. This is not only a valuable learning opportunity, but also a chance to network with others in the field and create stronger ties to the medical community as a whole. At Vibra Healthcare, we continually strive to make our medical team one of the best in the country.

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