Brain Injury And General Rehab

Kentfield San Francisco's Brain Injury Program is renowned throughout California and beyond. Dr. Doherty is a board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor (Physiatrist) who specializes in the care and management of traumatic and non-trauma related brain injuries. Additionally, the Spinal Cord Injury Program under the guidance of Alex Barchuk, MD provides exceptional medical care for patients with traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injuries.

The multidisciplinary team approach of Kentfield's rehabilitation programs provide the depth of expertise needed to achieve superior outcomes.

Transitional Neuro ICU Program

Conditions Served:

  • Traumatic, non-traumatic brain injuries
  • Comatose/persistent vegetative state
  • Tracheostomy and ventilator management associated with brain injury
  • Neurological diseases/disorders
  • Traumatic, non-traumatic and infectious spinal cord injuries
  • Neurological diseases/disorders of the spinal cord
  • Post-operative management of the spine
  • Acute and chronic injuries
  • High tetraplagic with ventilator support to cauda equina syndrome


  • Board certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians (Physiatrist)
  • Neuropharmacology/medication trials management
  • Tracheotomy and ventilator management
  • 24/7 Respiratory therapy
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Neuropsychology/psychology
  • Family support, counseling and education
  • Family centered case management
  • Physician specialists for urologic, pulmonary, pain management and wound care

Getting You Back to Better

We create a seamless continuum for patients and physicians to ensure that you get the best care possible.