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Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital
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1395 George Dieter Drive
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Welcome to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Services in Texas

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital, Texas’s premier physical rehabilitation facility. Our hospital is focused on helping patients recover from serious injuries and illnesses through various forms of physical therapy. These programs have been created using the latest medical research and the expertise of multidisciplinary medical experts. While all rehabilitation programs follow a basic structure, each one is customized based on the patient’s specific needs and goals, allowing us to help them achieve a higher quality of life without discomfort.

Highlands was designed to help patients feel more comfortable and relaxed. As soon as you walk through our doors you will find yourself in a warm and inviting lobby where a friendly member of our staff will be ready to assist you.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Why Choose Highlands?

We encourage you and your family to spend time researching your options for rehabilitation. This is not a decision to take lightly, and we want our patients to feel confident that they are receiving the best care possible as they work towards recovery.

Our hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission and the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). This means we consciously meet high standards of performance for treatment methods and patient safety. Our CARF accreditations include General Rehabilitation, Stroke, and Traumatic Brain injury for both adolescents and adults. The Highlands team includes a dedicated group of nurses, physicians, physical thermal therapists, case managers, and support staff committed to maintaining these high standards.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our facility by taking a free tour. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss our rehabilitation strategies.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Mary J.

    Mary J.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Mary Johnsen is a very pleasant 93-year-old lady who lives alone at home. One day, Mary fell and struck her head. Brought to the emergency room at The Hospitals of Providence Sierra Campus, Mary was found to be hypoxic with leukocytosis. She was admitted to THOP Sierra for respiratory failure. As a result of her illnesses, Mary's functional mobility was impaired. She also struggled with activities of daily living (ADLs). To address these deficiencies, Mary transferred to Highlands ... Read More

  • Gilberto G.

    Gilberto G.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Gilberto Garcia is a delightful, 59-year-old gentleman. Gilberto suffered an injury to his left foot, but the injury wasn't healing properly. Two weeks after sustaining the injury, the wound was increasing in size. Gilberto reported diminished sensation as the foot swelled. He also noticed a foul smell coming from the wound. He went to the emergency department at University Medical Center to get it checked out. They diagnosed Gilberto with necrotizing fasciitis. Gilberto required a ... Read More

  • Ramon R.

    Ramon R.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Ramon Rios was having a normal morning at work when he started to feel unwell. He told his boss around noon he was leaving for home. Ramon called his wife, who noticed he sounded different with slurred speech. She instructed Ramon to go to the hospital as soon as possible. He drove himself to The Hospitals of Providence East Campus. According to Ramon, the symptoms started about an hour before he arrived at THOP East. His symptoms included right hemiparesis (weakness on the right side of ... Read More

  • Samuel I.

    Samuel I.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Samuel Ingram knew something wasn't right. His headaches were getting worse, now accompanied by dizziness and blurred vision. He went to The Hospitals of Providence - East Campus, where he was admitted. A CT scan revealed a malignant tumor on his left temporal lobe. Samuel had brain cancer. After speaking with his family, Samuel agreed to his doctor's recommendation of a craniotomy and resection of the tumor. Dr. Velimirovic performed the surgery successfully, but Samuel still had work to ... Read More

  • Isabel G.

    Isabel G.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    No one expects a trip to the casino will end in the hospital. But that's what happened to Isabel Garcia when she suffered a fall at a local casino. Isabel describes the ground level fall as a "freak accident." After her fall, Isabel admitted to THOP Memorial. There, she was diagnosed with a closed displaced proximal right femur fracture -- or a broken right hip. Isabel underwent surgery to heal the fracture, but she wasn't ready to return home. The pain was still intense -- an ... Read More

  • Fernando M.

    Fernando M.

    Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital

    Fernando Montoya is lucky to be alive. Fernando was the rear passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident. He crawled out of the car shortly before it caught fire. The other three passengers did not survive the crash. Admitted to a local short-term acute care hospital, Fernando was treated for multiple injuries. He then transferred to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. When Fernando arrived at Highlands, he was in significant, uncontrolled pain. Due to the injuries suffered in the ... Read More