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On behalf of everyone at Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, let me take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. As you will see, we have been serving the regions rehabilitation needs for more than a decade. If you or your family member is recovering from an accident, injury or illness, as the CEO of the facility I want you to know that Gateway Rehab is your partner of choice for regaining independence. At the core of our philosophy, the entire team is committed to improving the quality of life for each of our patients whether it is in our comprehensive inpatient or outpatient setting.

Once you choose Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive, state of the art physical and medical rehabilitation services in a supportive and caring environment through an individualized plan of care. Our team of dedicated physicians, nurses, therapists and medical professionals are all here to make sure that you accomplish all your established goals to the best of your ability.

The entire team is also committed on a daily basis to provide each patient with the utmost quality care with primary emphasis on patient satisfaction. I also welcome feedback from all our patients and their family members regarding our services, so that we may continually improve our patient’s experience. Let Gateway Rehab be your first choice in rehab.

Gateway Rehabilitation Team

Under the leadership of the Physiatrist, multidisciplinary members comprising of rehabilitation nursing, physical, occupational, speech, and case management work together as a team to establish individualized treatment goals for each patient. Family input and training is an integral part of this process. The primary benefit of such a comprehensive team approach is the patient has the opportunity and support to progress to their best ability with the support of the entire team prior to returning home.

Physical Therapists evaluate and treat strength, range of motion, muscle tone, gait, ambulation and transfer status, assistive device needs, orthotic utilization, balance, safety, sensation, coordination, endurance, and pain.

Occupational Therapists will address activities of daily living, strength, range of motion, muscle tone, edema, pain, hand function, visual/spatial/perceptual deficits, assistive device needs, orthotic utilization, safety, motor control, sensation, coordination, and cognitive status.

Speech and Language Pathologists focus on expressive/receptive language needs, dysphagia screening and follow-up, motor apraxia and dysarthria, memory deficits, attention and concentration tasks, cognitive linguistics skills, assessment of functional language skills, memory, and orientation.

Respiratory Therapists evaluate, treat, and educate patients whose ability to breath has been compromised due to illness, disease, or trauma.

Rehabilitation Nurses are specially trained and focused on providing care and education to both patients and families during the recovery phase of illness or injury.

Physiatrists are physicians specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who manage the care of all patients admitted to the rehabilitation unit. Additionally, we have a medical staff comprised of over 200 physicians in a variety of specialty areas.

Case Managers offer coordination of family support and communication, transportation arrangements, interdisciplinary team and community resource coordination. The case manager will also reinforce plan guidelines and provide information to the patient’s insurance carrier.

Clinical Dieticians work with the interdisciplinary team to coordinate medical and nutritional needs through patient assessment, development and implementation of a nutritional program, and education of the patient and family.

Rehab Team

Medical Director
Dr. Kenneth Mook, M.D.

Attending Physician
Dr. Carl Shelton, M.D.

Attending Physician
Deepak Mittal, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer
Frank Schneider MHA, MS-PopH, FACHE

Chief Nursing Officer
Peggy Lee Cline, MSN, RN, CRR

Chief Marketing Officer
Deonna Bailey, RN, CRRN

Director of Therapy
Jennifer T. Jones, M.A., CCC-SLP

Director of Case Management
Carrie Cox, RN, CCM

Director of Quality Management
Michelle Williamson, MSN

Director of Admissions
Jon Webster RN, CRRN

Director of Plant Operations
Chad Beasley

Director of Pharmacy
Adam Scott

Health Information Management
Deborah Wallace, MBA, RHIA, CHPS

Director of Human Resources
Angie Connor

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