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Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

Elevating Patient Care

Long-term acute care is an extended period of hospital care for patients with complex medical needs. Traditional hospitals are not designed to handle this kind of care for long periods, so when their patients require these services they will typically refer them to a long-term care facility like Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne.

We are part of the Vibra Healthcare network, a national long-term acute care and rehabilitation provider. This affiliation provides us with access to cutting edge medical research and technology that allows us to offer cost-effective and streamlined medical services.


Elevating Patient Care.

We determine the best extended care option for our patients.

Our team is well-versed in the latest techniques in long term care.

We are determined to raise the standard of patient care.

Our facilities are constantly pursuing a higher level of service excellence.

We are always seeking strategic opportunities for growth within the industry.

Our Mission & Principles.

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Reducing Patient Readmissions

When patients with extended care needs are discharged from a hospital too early, they all too often end up being readmitted before the year is over. This is damaging to both the patient’s condition and their finances. As an extended care facility, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate a patient’s condition to determine the best treatment plan. A standard hospital accepts patients of various medical needs and therefore needs to facilitate care as quickly as possible so that they can free up room for incoming patients. With our niche focus, we can better address the needs of patients with chronic conditions and ensure that they can safely live independently and without discomfort before recommending their discharge.

Celebrating Our Patients' Success.

Read some of our patients' stories of their experience with the Vibra Healthcare team.

  • Michele H.

    Michele H.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Michele Hoover is a sweet young woman. Unfortunately, Michele required many hospitalizations for ongoing issues with primary biliary cirrhosis and severe gastroparesis. Before she could discharge to a skilled nursing facility, she required IU Health's specialty services. While there, Michele continued to worsen. She suffered severe abdominal pain, anxiety, and a 17 pound weight loss. Michele had persistent vomiting and abdominal pain. She also required feeding through a peg tube, while ... Read More

  • Mark E.

    Mark E.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Mark Easterday is a very pleasant young gentleman that found himself in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Before admitting to the hospital, he had been battling alcohol addiction and homelessness. Mark primarily rode his bike everywhere as his mode of transportation. One day, he was found down on the side of the road with no helmet. Mark was flown to Lutheran Hospital. They diagnosed Mark with a skull fracture and several brain hemorrhages. Mark also suffered from aspiration ... Read More

  • Troy M.

    Troy M.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Troy Murphy is a pleasant young gentleman. Troy became unable to eat due to gastric outlet obstruction and a duodenal ulcer. He underwent dilation and was able to eat again. But Troy needed his gall bladder removed. Troy's hospital course was then further complicated by aspiration pneumonia and respiratory failure. He would need mechanical ventilation for ten days. At one point, Troy's family feared they were going to lose him. They chose Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne to help him recover. ... Read More

  • Steven S.

    Steven S.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Steven Strahm couldn't wait to retire and take it easy. The 65-year-old enjoyed a healthy life as a delivery driver, able to lift 70 lb. boxes without blinking. Everything changed when Steve suffered a myocardial infarction with cardiac arrest. At the hospital, he was intubated and could not be extubated for over two weeks. A GI bleed and deep venous thromboses in all extremities complicated his hospital course. Almost a month later, Steve arrived at Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne for ... Read More

  • Richard P.

    Richard P.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Richard Pippin is a 60-year-old hard-working gentleman. One day at work, Richard suffered a serious crush injury to his chest when he was pinned between a tractor trailer and a pole. Richard presented to the hospital with a pneumothorax and multiple broken ribs. He required emergency intubation and mechanical ventilation. Richard also required chest tube placement and plating of his ribs. Pneumonia, ARDS, dysphagia, and atrial fibrillation further complicated his hospital stay. Requiring ... Read More

  • Dalena K.

    Dalena K.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Dalena King admitted to a local hospital with respiratory failure, metabolic encephalopathy, and septic shock. She required intubation and a tracheostomy. Dalena chose Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne for her recovery. Dalena arrived at Vibra extremely weak and tired of being hospitalized. She required total assistance with most activities of daily living. Dalena could not ambulate, nor could she speak or eat safely. Despite these daunting challenges, Dalena was determined to return home, and ... Read More

  • Jenelle W.

    Jenelle W.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Jenelle is a vivacious 69-year-old lady who owns and operates a local antique store. She suddenly suffered a hemorrhagic pontine stroke with respiratory failure on January 22nd. She required intubation and eventually needed a tracheostomy when she failed to wean from the ventilator. She was discharged to a skilled nursing facility on February 2nd for continued care and therapy. She was hospitalized once again from February 15th-18th due to sepsis, a urinary tract infection, and a small ... Read More

  • Robert H.

    Robert H.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Robert is a very pleasant gentleman who was a patient at Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne earlier in 2017 following bypass surgery. On 10/24/17, he was admitted to an acute hospital with osteomyelitis in his right foot. He underwent revision of his transmetatarsal amputation and suffered acute respiratory failure due to opioids. He was then admitted to Vibra Hospital once again for continued wound care and intravenous antibiotics. When Robert arrived at Vibra, he could transfer with contact ... Read More

  • Rex T.

    Rex T.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Rex was initially hospitalized on 12/31/14 with sepsis due to bacteria on his mitral valve. He underwent mitral valve replacement, and then post-operatively, he suffered a stroke which resulted in left side weakness and difficulty swallowing. He was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne on 1/23/15 for intravenous antibiotics and therapy. Rex was extremely weak when he was initially evaluated by therapy. He was unable to get out of bed or walk, and he could not eat on his own. In ... Read More

  • Thomas D.

    Thomas D.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Tom is a 73 year old retired principal who loves working with his hands. In fact, he even built his own home. Tom enjoyed exceptionally good health and had never even been in the hospital until this past September. On 9/12/16, Tom experienced a sudden bout of vomiting and severe abdominal pain. He was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with gallbladder pancreatitis. He underwent removal of his gallbladder on 9/16/16. Postoperatively, he suffered multiple complications. He ... Read More

  • Rick B.

    Rick B.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Rick arrived at Vibra Hospital on 12/27/16 after a long and complicated hospital course. He was initially hospitalized on 12/9/16 with what was determined to be a cerebrovascular accident in multiple areas of his brain. He required intubation and mechanical ventilation, and he had an acute kidney injury. In addition, he suffered from encephalopathy which was exhibited in his extreme confusion and difficulty following instructions. He was a very sick man. When Rick was evaluated by ... Read More

  • Rhonda C.

    Rhonda C.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Rhonda’s story is truly miraculous. She underwent surgery to remove her gall bladder and to repair a hernia on 1/23/15, and she was discharged to home. On 2/7/15, she returned to the hospital with sepsis, respiratory failure, and acute renal failure. She required multiple surgeries for enterotomy repair and to drain an abdominal abscess. Her hospital course was also complicated by a pulmonary embolism and a deep venous thrombosis in her right leg. She arrived at Vibra Hospital on 3/6/15 ... Read More

  • Max B.

    Max B.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Max is a very pleasant 70 year old gentleman who was admitted to the hospital on 5/10/16 with shortness of breath. He was diagnosed with pneumonia which progressed into respiratory failure with need for intubation and eventually a tracheostomy on 5/23/16. His medical status was made more fragile by history of a kidney transplant in 2008. He arrived at Vibra Hospital on 6/10/16 very sick and weak, but he was very motivated. At the time of his therapy evaluations, Max needed maximum to ... Read More

  • Marilyn W.

    Marilyn W.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Marilyn was admitted to the hospital on 3/8/15 when she developed weakness and respiratory distress with the eventual need for intubation. From the acute care hospital, she came to Vibra Hospital for ventilator weaning, medical management, and therapy. When Marilyn was evaluated by therapy, she needed maximum to total assistance with all functional mobility and activities of daily living. She also could not speak or swallow safely. She was extremely weak and fatigued quickly with any ... Read More

  • Jeff M

    Jeff M

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Jeff Mullen is a 42 year old gentleman who had a heart transplant in May of 2015. His recovery was going well until January of this year when he developed problems with rejection and cytomegalovirus. His condition worsened with increasing neurological deficits and paralysis resulting in his need for intubation and ventilator support. At this point, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. His hospital course was further complicated by an incidence in which he had an allergic ... Read More

  • Jana B

    Jana B

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Jana was a typical healthy 41 year old wife and mother who worked in a classroom for children with special needs. One day in December of 2014, she began having trouble breathing and was taken to the ER by her husband. Her condition quickly deteriorated as she developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and her lungs quit working. Doctor’s attempted extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), but her carotid artery ruptured. The procedure had to be stopped, and she underwent ... Read More

  • Brigette P.

    Brigette P.

    Vibra Hospital of Fort Wayne

    Brigitte is a lovely 73-year-old woman with a beautiful German accent. She was admitted to Vibra Hospital on 11/22/16 after a prolonged hospitalization for aortic valve replacement with post-operative respiratory failure and need for intubation and mechanical ventilation. When she arrived at Vibra, she had been weaned from the ventilator but still required oxygen with her trach mask. She was very weak and discouraged, but she was determined. Physical and occupational therapy evaluated ... Read More