What to Expect Upon Admission

There is a lot of activity the first 2-3 days after arriving at the hospital. It can be overwhelming for patients and family members when transitioning to a new facility. Please feel free to ask questions if you don’t understand something that is happening, or if you have a specific request of our physicians and/or staff member. Our goal is to assist you in any way possible to ease the transition to Vibra Hospital and support the continued healing process for your loved one.

Upon arrival:

  • You will be asked to review and sign the Consent for Treatment forms by the admitting nurse that will allow us to initiate care and will keep you informed about our initial care plan.
  • A representative will also review the remaining admission documentation with you within 24-48 hours of arrival, including the information that we have on file for emergency contact names/phone numbers so that we have accurate information about whom we should contact and the best contact phone numbers.
  • Family members are not always present upon admission. If the above items have not been discussed with you within the first day or two of arrival, we would appreciate if you would ask about this at the desk.

Days 1-3:

  • Your Vibra Hospital/Vista View clinical team will be getting to know your family member/friend. Each team member will be completing their individual clinical evaluations to contribute to the overall team plan of care.
  • Upon conclusion of the team’s individual evaluations, the interdisciplinary team will meet to develop the overall plan of care. This is facilitated by the Case Manager that has been assigned to coordinate the care of your family member/friend during their stay at our hospital.
  • Once the team has drafted the care plan, the Case Manager will review the team’s initial plan, goals, and tentative discharge plans with the patient and family.
  • Patients and family members are critical members of our treatment team. Your feedback and input into the care plan is welcome and appreciated.


  • The interdisciplinary team meets weekly to discuss every patient in the hospital. The goal is to review progress toward goals, barriers and/or new issues that may have come up that need to be added to the initial plan of care, and to update the discharge plans.
  • Family members are welcome to contact their Case Manager following the weekly team meeting to get status updates if the Case Manager has not already reached out to speak with you.

Throughout your family member/friend’s stay at Vibra Hospital:

  • Family members are welcome to request a meeting with the Interdisciplinary Team members at any time during your loved one’s stay at Vibra Hospital/Vista View. To arrange a meeting with the team, please alert your Case Manager regarding your interest so that they can coordinate a time with the care team members.

Getting You Back to Better

We create a seamless continuum for patients and physicians to ensure that you get the best care possible.