Hospital Stay

Our patients can expect an average stay of approximately three to five weeks, depending on their diagnosis and the severity of their illness.

Personal Items:

Please do not bring money, jewelry, or other valuables with you to the hospital. Vibra Hospital cannot be responsible for valuables or personal belongings brought into the hospital. We suggest you bring a bathrobe and bedroom slippers only.

If you do wish to bring personal electronic devices or small appliances from home, all devices must be assessed for safety by Vibra Hospital’s BioMedical department. Please alert your nurse to contact Plant Operations prior to using any personal appliances within the hospital.

What Not To Bring:

In our effort to safeguard our patients, their family members and visitors, and our employees, we ask not to bring the following items to the hospital:

  • Firearms and/or Ammunition
  • Knives or Other Weapons
  • Drugs or Alcohol


If you need an interpreter, please indicate this to your nurse. We use an interpreter phone system if your language needs are not readily available within the facility. It is important to us and your safety that we are able to communicate with you.

Chaplain Services

Spiritual support services can frequently be helpful when in the hospital. If you would like pastoral care visits, please let your nursing and/or case management staff know and they will assist in facilitating the appropriate support services.

Smoke Free

In consideration of your health and the health of others, if you smoke it is recommended that you stop. Vibra Hospital/Vista View Care Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is only allowed outside of the building in designated smoking areas. Various options are available to assist you in not smoking while you are under our care including nicotine patches with a physician order, staff support, and referrals to support groups.

Visiting Hours

  • Generally, visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. We realize that these hours may not be convenient for family members and friends who work during the day however, so we make every attempt to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our guests.
  • Vibra Hospital’s front entrance is locked after 6 p.m. Please use our North entrance when visiting after hours.
  • The North entrance is also locked after 8 p.m. Please press the buzzer at the North entrance door for access after 8 p.m.
  • Children are welcome to visit and can certainly be a highlight to a patient’s day. As a reminder, we are an acute care hospital that treats medically ill patients so we do ask that parents monitor the age, number of children visiting, and the noise level.

Pet Visitation Policy

  • While we understand the bond that exists between pets and their owners, we must closely monitor pet access to the hospital due to the potential for health hazards and/or disruption in patient care.
  • Service animals are those that are specifically trained to assist people with disabilities, and are currently the only pets regularly allowed in specific areas within Vibra Hospital.
  • Arrangements for service animal visits must be made by the partner/handler prior to visitation. The partner/handler must be in full control of the animal at all times and is solely responsible for the animal’s care and supervision during the visit. Arrangements for visits can be made with the Director of Nurses for Vibra Hospital, the Administrator on Call, or the Administrator for Vista View Care Center.
  • Under special circumstances, patient visitation with their personal pet (non-service animal) may be arranged to occur on hospital grounds outside of the building. Requests for pet visitation must be discussed with the patient’s Case Manager or Director of Nursing. Pet visits must take into consideration the patient’s condition, feasibility of transporting patient outside and availability of staff to accompany the patient if needed.

Food Services

Our patients are screened for nutritional needs and provided with education as indicated. Some medications and conditions have special nutritional requirements. A registered dietician is available to assist you with any nutrition concerns you may have.

Please feel free to bring in food for your family member or friend. We request that the following guidelines are adhered to in order to protect the health of our patients.

  • Have a nurse verify that the food item follows the diet, which is prescribed by the doctor.
  • Please have a nurse label the food item with the patient’s name and the date it was placed into the refrigerator.
  • Ensure that the food items that are not individually packaged are covered in a re-sealable container.
  • Perishable food items and foods that are prepared at home must be discarded by the fourth day. Unopened, individually wrapped items must be discarded by the manufacturer’s expiration date.
  • Food may not be taken to a patient’s room and then returned to the refrigerator. Once food is in the patient room it must be discarded or taken home with you.
  • Dry, packaged foods may be stored in the patient’s room after the nurse labels the items with the patient’s name, medical record number, and date opened.
  • The facility reserves the right to discard any food or beverage that appears to be unsafe or outdated.

Please feel free to ask for a nurse or dietician if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Vibra's cafeteria is open Monday – Friday for our visitors. Please refer to the posted hours for breakfast and lunch at the cafeteria entrances.
  • Vending Machines and a microwave oven are located within the cafeteria and are accessible at all times.
  • Water/coffee are available in the cafeteria during the day and at nursing stations in the evenings

Getting You Back to Better

We create a seamless continuum for patients and physicians to ensure that you get the best care possible.