Hospital Stay

Our physicians need to know what prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and/or vitamins our patients are currently taking. Please bring a list of medications upon arrival to the hospital. Make sure to denote dose, strength, and time administered.

Room Amenities

Vibra Hospital of Charleston has private, and high observation rooms available to suit the patient’s needs. All rooms are equipped with bathrooms, televisions, and telephones.

Personal Items

Patients are encouraged to leave their valuables at home. Any valuables brought to the hospital should be disclosed to your nurse so they may be included on an inventory and locked in the hospital's safe for security. We suggest that you keep no more than $5.00 in your room for small purchases. Vibra is not responsible for lost money or valuables brought into the hospital.

What Not To Bring

At Vibra Specialty Hospital of Charleston, the safety and care of our patients, staff and visitors is of upmost importance. For this reason, please do not bring the following items on hospital grounds at any time:

  • Firearms and/or Ammunition
  • Knives or Other Weapons
  • Drugs or Alcohol
  • Plug-in Electrical Devices (unless approved with hospital admissions and nursing)

Smoke Free

Vibra Specialty Hospital of Charleston is a smoke free facility. No smoking is permitted on the grounds of the hospital.

Visiting Hours

General visiting hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Arrangements can be made with administration or the nursing supervisor for a family member or private care giver to stay overnight or visit outside the posted visiting hours.
Visitors must use thoughtful consideration of each patient’s need for rest and keep the volume of their voices low.

Food Service

A complete and nutritious diet is essential to a patient’s recovery. The food service manager and dietician are available to speak with anyone with questions, special needs or preferences.
The hospital food consists of fresh home cooked items with attention given to a variety of dishes. The patient is able to select food items from a menu daily. Vibra strives to make restricted diets interesting, and special holidays are recognized.

Due to possible diet restrictions, please check with the nurse before bringing any food or beverages to the patient.
Visitors are invited to purchase lunch at our cafeteria. Other meals must be purchased at local restaurants or fast food establishments in the area.

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