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Direct Admission

For your convenience, our hospital accepts direct admissions from extended care facilities or skilled nursing centers.

Patient Care Conferences

Vibra's multidisciplinary approach also includes regular meetings in which the medical team and family members meet to re-evaluate the customized plan of care. These conferences promote communication and provide a regular forum in which all professionals involved in the patient's care can address questions and concerns.

Discharge Planning

Once patients are ready to be discharged, the physician, nurse and other patient care team members will discuss instructions for your care after discharge. The internal case manager will assist you in making appropriate arrangements for discharge.

Spiritual Needs

Being in the hospital can be a time of great spiritual need. If requested, your Case Manager can assist you in contacting your spiritual representative.

Services for the Hearing Impaired

We have a resource to contact through the Case Management Department should you need a signer for the deaf or hearing impaired. Special equipment, such as an amplifier for your phone and TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf), also is available. Ask your Case Manager to assist you with these services.

Language Interpreters

Language is no barrier. If you do not speak English fluently, do not worry. The quality of your treatment will not be affected in any way. We can make arrangements for an interpreter to communicate with our non-English speaking patients and visitors. If you need the help of an interpreter, tell your Case Manager or caregiver. If our in- house interpreters cannot speak your language, we will obtain the services you need to enable communication with you.

Interdisciplinary Team

We provide care through a physician-led, interdisciplinary team of care providers. This includes nurses, rehabilitation therapists, respiratory therapists, dieticians, pharmacists, and other support staff. Attending physicians visit patients on a daily basis, and our care team of nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists are on the floor at all times and round on an hourly basis.

Case Management

Each person admitted to Vibra Hospital Central Dakotas is assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager will contact you within two to three working days after your admission to gather information regarding your resource needs and future discharge planning needs. The Case Manager will advise you of an estimate of how long you will probably be an inpatient at Vibra. If during your stay here, you would like to meet with the treatment team, the Case Manager will be glad to set up a conference. Prior to discharge, the Case Manager will help coordinate referrals to community resources, such as home healthcare, durable medical equipment, hospice, nursing homes and assisted living, to name just a few.

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