Ruth L.

Ruth L.

As a pancreatic cancer survivor, Ruth Lorshbough has experienced ups-and-downs. The "rollercoaster ride" that was her latest hospitalization proved no exception. Ruth underwent a Whipple procedure to address a bowel obstruction. This led her to Vibra Hospital of Fargo.

Multiple infections and Ruth's history of pancreatic cancer complicated her recovery. Ruth could only stand for ten seconds with the assistance of two people and couldn't perform self-care activities. She was deconditioned from her hospitalization and required a modified diet.

Ruth Lorshbough makes toast for her husband as part of her therapy session at Vibra Hospital of FargoFor someone who was completely independent before surgery, this could be disheartening. But Ruth wouldn't be deterred. With her husband by her side, Ruth pushed through the difficult times.

When Ruth discharged home with her husband, she had made great progress. She can walk over 500 feet with a walker and is independent with self-care activities. Ruth even made toast for her husband as part of her therapy.

Ruth is very excited to return home and see her grandkids.