Randy T.

Randy T.

“Life was really good.”

That's how Randy Taylor remembers life before his hospitalization. Randy arrived at Sky Lakes Medical Center experiencing acute weakness and flu-like symptoms. Doctors diagnosed him with sepsis and acute encephalopathy due to bacteremia, acute respiratory failure with ARDS, and critical illness polyneuropathy.

Randy and his wife, Terri, have always had an agreement. If one says "you need to go to the hospital," the other simply says "okay."

"That day, Terri told me we had to go to the hospital," Randy remembered. "I said 'okay' and then collapsed in the bathroom. I remember the EMTs came to get me, but nothing about my hospitalization."

For the next several weeks, things didn't look good for Randy.

“My doctor said, for about a month, I was the sickest person in the hospital," Randy said. "I read my wife’s Facebook page from those days and she wrote 'Please don’t bury my husband.' It brings tears to my eyes that she had to go through all that."

"I only now understand that they couldn’t visit me because of the coronavirus quarantine. When I went into the hospital, it was before COVID-19 hit. By the time I transferred to Vibra, no visitors were allowed in any hospital. The next thing I remember is seeing my wife and daughter outside the ambulance telling me 'Everything is okay' as I was being transferred to Vibra."

When Randy arrived at Vibra Specialty Hospital of Portland he was unable to move due to critical illness polyneuropathy. Yet, within his first week at Vibra, he sat up at the edge of his bed and in his chair.

The day therapy came in and said "we’re going to help you stand up today!" is a vivid memory for Randy.

“I remember how impossible it was, but I did it!” That was Randy's second week at Vibra. “We made a video for Terri for Mother’s Day. It was me walking in the parallel bars. My goal was to take five steps but my physical therapist said 'no, we’re going to the end of the bars.’ And I did it. I was on the phone with Terri when she watched the video."

“There are lots of good people at Vibra.”

"I remember Victoria, the respiratory therapist and Roney, the CNA, taking care of me when I first got there. I remember when Roney came to see me after I transferred upstairs. And Crystal, CNA, took great care of me. So did Susan, who is also a CNA."

"There are a lot of good people at Vibra and so many people I did not get to say goodbye to. I wish I could say goodbye to Brad and Marissa. They were old school nurses. They explained everything to me and really did a great job. Jim, my nurse; I had him a lot and we laughed a lot. He was using more than medicine to help me get better. Nicole the Ambassador, she was great. The doctors were awesome. Chris, NP was my favorite.

Randy promised Terri that the first thing he'd do once he got home was take her to Dairy Queen. "And that's what we did. We got Coney Dogs. It was five months and one day from the time I collapsed to the day I got home. I got a lot of great care and I'm a grateful person for Vibra."