Linda S.

Linda S.

Linda Shirey is familiar with stroke.

"I had a liver transplant in 1991, and during my transplant, I had my first stroke," Linda shared. Four more strokes would follow. "I have been very fortunate to have received therapy and recovered fully."

When Linda suffered her most recent stroke, she knew what to do. "I was sitting in my chair at home and suddenly I couldn't control my right arm," she recalled. "I became concerned, so my son drove me to Eisenhower Medical Center."

Stroke is a medical emergency, and time plays a critical role in limiting the damage done.

"When I got to the hospital, I lost my ability to speak," Linda stated. "Thankfully, my daughter was able to come in the emergency department and answer all of their questions. I was very frustrated that I couldn't communicate. I was doing so well up to that point that when my cardiologist informed me that I had another stroke, I was very surprised."

Life before the stroke

Before Linda's most recent stroke, she lived an independent and full life. She lived with her husband in the casita behind her son and daughter-in-law's house. "This living situation makes it very convenient to spend time with our three grandchildren, which I love," Linda said.

When Linda wasn't enjoying her precious grandchildren she loved to birdwatch and read. Though surrounded by family, Linda didn't need assistance in her daily life. "I was very independent prior to this stroke and was able to do everything for myself."

Linda Shirey chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage to recover after a stroke"I was very afraid"

The news from her cardiologist worried Linda. She wondered if she would ever return to the independent lifestyle she had been living. "I was very afraid this time and didn't think I would be able to regain my speech."

In need of therapy after her stroke, Linda's family began looking at Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage. "My daughter-in-law, son, and my husband recommend I transferred to Vibra to get continued rehabilitation," she said. "They did the research and thought Vibra would be the perfect place for me to recover."

Linda is glad they did.

"Vibra has been wonderful!" Linda said with a smile. Linda's goal was to get back to better, the way she was before the stroke. At Vibra, she found a staff committed to helping her reach that goal.

"I adore Matthew because he worked so hard to push me and help me regain the use of my hand. And Summer has helped me regain my speech again. She is very compassionate and kind."

"Honestly, the entire staff here at Vibra have been wonderful!"

Linda knew that even with the best therapist, she still had to put in the work. "I push myself so I can get better, so that I can go home and be 'normal' again," she said during her stay. "I don't ever want to be a burden on my family. I'd love to be able to cook and play with my grandchildren again."

Moving forward

With Linda's inpatient stay complete, she will continue to build on her recovery. "I will continue to go to outpatient therapy to continue working on my speech and keep improving my balance," she stated. "I am so thankful I regained my ability to speak again and will continue working hard to make a full recovery!"