Bernard S.

Bernard S.


That has been the prevailing reaction to Bernard Strikesenemy during his stay at Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas.

Bernard is a man who went to work every day and worked very hard. He is so dedicated to his work, that when he developed a wound on his foot he attempted to care for it himself. Bernard didn't want to miss a day on the job.

Unfortunately, Bernard's wound worsened and he became severely ill. When he went to the ER, doctors rushed him into emergency surgery.

Bernard came out of surgery without most of his right leg.

The above-the-knee amputation of his right leg is what led Bernard to Vibra. When he arrived, Bernard faced a long recovery. He couldn't sit up on the edge of his bed, becoming dizzy. Bernard also just found out he was diabetic.

Despite this series of bad news, Bernard was undeterred. "This man did not one time give up," said his case manager. "He worked every day with rehab. This man's life changed before his eyes, and he took it all in stride without skipping a beat. He always had a smile on his face and always would have something to say that would make you smile or laugh."

Bernard impacted all he encountered, including the nursing staff. "He had a supremely positive attitude and confidence that he exuded to each staff member that had the privilege to care for him," said one nurse.

This dedication and persistence paid off, resulting in great progress.

Working with therapy, Bernard increased his tolerance for sitting. He gained independence with his wheelchair and relearned how to dress himself. The wound from his amputation healed. He learned how to manage his diabetes, including carb counting and adjusting his insulin injections.

"I know Vibra will heal me," Bernard often said, "and I am appreciative of all that you do for me."

Little did Bernard know how much he did for the Vibra staff.

"Many of us could likely take some lessons from Bernard about our outlook on life," his case manager added. "He is the poster child for when life gives you lemons, just make some lemonade!"