Shane H.

Shane H.

Shane Halverson's world had just been turned upside-down. After testing positive for COVID-19, he spent several weeks hospitalized. On a ventilator to breathe for him, Shane lost most of his muscle mass during his hospitalization. "I was coming from a low point in my life," Shane said regarding his transition to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver.

At this point, a major challenge was staring Shane in the face. He could barely lift his legs and required maximum assistance to roll over in bed. "When I first rolled into Vibra on a stretcher, my nerves were shot and I felt like my strength would never return. [But], from that first day, I could tell this place was a bright ray of sun in an otherwise dark, dark cloud that had attached itself to the sky."

Shane Halverson chose Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver to help him regain his strength after an extended hospitalizationThat challenge proved no match for Vibra's supportive staff and Shane's determination. "I started my therapy the next day and from day-to-day I made progress," Shane said. "Slow at first, but progress nonetheless. The PT and OT staff pushed me to be better and stronger every day. And it worked."

It worked in large part because of Shane's perseverance. He worked hard even outside of therapy sessions, often asking for extra exercises to do in his room.

Being able to stand again for the first time was a major milestone for Shane. From that point forward, his progress accelerated. "I am now walking with the slight assistance of a walker," Shane said with a smile. "This would not in any way have been possible without the amazing staff here at Vibra. The staff were thoughtful, helpful, attentive, and very friendly. Leaving anyone out would be doing someone wrong, so I will just say that I would not be the person I am today without the help of all the staff at Vibra and their love and support. I can't thank you enough!"

Now able to walk and complete his daily tasks, Shane returned home to his wife and four children. He looks forward to getting back to work and cooking his famous slow-cooked pork!