Jamie B.

Jamie B.

James "Jamie" Bumbalo expected his surgical procedure to be routine. Spend a few days in the hospital and then return home to resume his life as a teacher in a small North Dakota community. Unfortunately, that's not how Jamie's story goes. A frightening complication nearly took Jamie's life.

Six days after surgery, Jamie went into respiratory failure. His heart stopped beating and he needed to be resuscitated. Jamie's sister, daughter, and son sat at his beside for nine days while doctors and nurses worked to save his life. Jamie has no memory of his family being there. During those nine days, doctors put Jamie into a medically-induced coma. When he woke up six weeks later, his first thought was, "I'm a teacher, I've got to get back to school."

Jamie recalls feeling hopeless at times. His spirits were low because he couldn't get up and do the things he used to.

Two days after he woke from his coma, Jamie transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo. There were three main focuses for Jamie's stay at Vibra. First, to treat his infection. Second, to monitor his kidney function to see if he would need dialysis again. Third, to wean him off the ventilator that kept him alive. Before transferring to Vibra, numerous attempts were made to wean him from the ventilator in the ICU. All were unsuccessful.

Motivated to succeed, Jamie improved rapidly at Vibra. Initially anxious -- and understandably so -- the staff worked with Jamie to calm his anxiety. This was imperative to successfully wean him from the ventilator. Jamie worked diligently with physical, occupational, and speech therapies to gain strength and learn new ways of doing things to foster independence. Vibra's nursing staff and respiratory therapists worked with Jamie daily to improve.

And Jamie did just that.

Only five days after arriving at Vibra, Jamie weaned off the ventilator. A couple of days later he began eating solid food. A few days more, Jamie's trach was removed and he no longer required any oxygen.

Having made tremendous progress, Jamie was ready for the next stage of his recovery. He discharged to a local rehabilitation facility for ongoing therapy before returning home. His goal is to get stronger and resume teaching after the New Year's holiday.

"All the staff at Vibra were wonderful," Jamie stated. "I appreciate all the great care everyone gave to me."

We are proud to be part of your success story, Jamie, and wish you many blessings!