Luke G.

Luke G.

For the past twelve years, Luke Granberry has been a proud member of the Detroit Police Department. Before joining the force, he spent a dozen years in the Detroit Public School System. Luke is an active member of the community and enjoys spending time with his family.

But respiratory failure put that all at risk.

Luke arrived at Vibra Hospital of Southeastern Michigan - Taylor Campus on a ventilator. In addition to the ventilator, he depended on a feeding tube for nutritional support. Luke was also on Propofol and Fentanyl drips. Unable to breathe on his own or eat any food by mouth, he was understandably anxious. The hospitalization and illness left Luke physically debilitated.

At first, things didn't look great for Luke. But he had the support of his loving family and a skilled interdisciplinary care team. Bringing a positive attitude and a smile, Luke pushed through the anxiety, fatigue, and muscle impairments. Soon, he liberated from the ventilator. He improved his endurance and strength, regaining his sitting and standing balance. This led to an increase in independence with self-care activities. He returned to a diet of regular food and regained his ability to speak. Luke's strong and independent personality drove his recovery and inspired the staff at Vibra.

A few days before his discharge, Luke went outside of the hospital. There, a parade awaited him. About 30 police cars from Detroit, Wayne State, and Taylor lined up to celebrate Luke. Most of the cars stopped and the officers got out to salute him and share love and encouragement. Luke's family was present, too, and Drs. Yasin, Hamza, and Sabagh all stepped outside to recognize him. There were many teary eyes as we celebrated Luke's recovery.