Lucky came to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver after suffering a stroke. The stroke left Lucky unable to physically function the way he had in the past. He couldn't move his left side and had difficulty swallowing. Even the smallest tasks required assistance: getting out of bed, sitting up, getting dressed, using the bathroom, and walking short distances.

One thing Lucky didn't struggle with was his positivity. Lucky's enthusiasm and positive attitude illuminated the hospital. The minute his therapist walked into the room, Lucky was ready to work.

And work he did.

Occupational therapy worked with Lucky on neuro recovery of his upper extremity. With physical therapy, they worked on regaining the strength in his left leg, as well as balance and gait training. He also had to work with speech therapy to address dysphagia.

Dysphagia is a swallowing disorder, which made it difficult for Lucky to swallow foods and liquids. A very scary episode with cornbread caused Lucky to be quite afraid of eating any bread. But gradually, he gained confidence. Lucky was proactive in his own recovery. He adhered to his swallowing precautions and soon returned to a normal diet.

During his stay, Lucky built meaningful relationships with the staff at Vibra. When one staff member had to take some time away from work for a family medical issue, Lucky reached out to check on them. "When I returned, his kindness and compassion just made me smile," they recalled.

Lucky is a success story not only because he persevered and achieved his rehabilitation goals, but also for managing to touch and impact our team.

Family support also played a key role in Lucky's recovery. Whether it was family training, visiting, or bringing his dog for some pet therapy, Lucky's family was there for him. Lucky made tremendous strides in his recovery and has returned home to continue therapy. Up and moving on his own, Lucky hopes to return to fishing and camping -- with some adaptations -- in the upcoming warmer months.