Leland L.

Leland L.

Though retired, Leland Lynch remained active, working a few jobs. He filled his time with the things he loves, like family activities and being outdoors. Those hobbies included sledding, mushroom hunting, working in his garden, and especially fishing!

At work on Halloween, Leland wasn't feeling well. He drove himself to the emergency room. Tests revealed Leland suffered a small stroke. While hospitalized, he suffered another, leaving him paralyzed on his dominant right side. Leland also experienced slurred speech and trouble swallowing. After a few days in Audobon Hospital, Leland transferred to Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Hospital.

Choosing SIRH was a "no-brainer" for Leland. He received great recommendations, not the least of which came from his son's girlfriend, Katie. A nurse at SIRH, Katie knew that intensive therapy offered him the highest potential of recovery. Leland spent a total of ten weeks at SIRH. The first three weeks of his stay occurred in the inpatient acute rehabilitation unit. He then transferred to the subacute rehabilitation unit for the remaining seven weeks. Upon completion of his stay, Leland returned home with his wife and daughter.

undefinedWhen Leland arrived at SIRH, he couldn't move his right side, stand, or walk. He was discouraged and afraid to put weight on his right side. But Leland worked hard, trusted his therapists, and met goal after goal. With each achievement, he couldn't wait to share with his family.

Due to his swallowing impairments, Leland also required an altered diet upon arrival. By his discharge day, he had progressed to ar regular diet and thin liquids. His mobility improved to walking 100 feet with a hemi-walker. Leland's therapists also worked with his family, teaching them to assist with his care upon his return home. After achieving his main goal of returning home, Leland continued to build on his recovery through outpatient therapy.

Leland recalled how he was "a little down" at first, due to losing his independence. "But the employees at SIRH keep you motivated by encouraging you and pushing you to do a little more, go a little farther."

"SIRH employees are miracle workers," added Leland's wife.

Leland contributes his success to everyone at SIRH. But he would like to especially recognize the following: his therapists, Jennifer Sage, Karissa Slate, Amber Sullivan, and Molly Tarter; nursing staff, Ciara Stewart, Tanya Dunning, and Lin Bell; Dr. Thompson; and social worker Trish Carlisle.

The way everyone cared about Leland as a person, not only a patient, particularly stood out to him. He recalled how the staff really got to know him. When Leland's therapists discovered his fondness for Wii Bowling, they incorporated it into his therapy for his birthday. This meant so much to him.

Though Leland isn't back to independence, he's adapted with the help of the staff at SIRH to do the things he loves. "I will forever be grateful for the wonderful things SIRH did for me," he stated, adding he would recommend SIRH to anyone that will listen.