Juan G.

Juan G.

Suffering a stroke puts you at greater risk of having a second one. In the United States, about 25% of strokes are recurrent, meaning the patient had a stroke previously.

That's what happened to Juan Gonzalez.

Recently, Juan returned to an independent level following his first stroke last year. No longer requiring any assistive devices, Juan also resumed driving.

Then came stroke number two.

The stroke left Juan with left-sided facial droop and slurred speech, as well as cognitive, swallowing, and physical deficits. He chose Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital for inpatient rehab.

Juan arrived at Highlands very weak and unable to function independently. He required increased assistance, as well as increased time for ambulation and to perform simple daily tasks. But Juan also arrived with a goal in mind. "My goal was to be able to walk better and increase my self-worth."

During his stay, Juan participated in physical, occupational, and speech therapies. He worked diligently with his therapists and exceeded all goals set for him. Juan demonstrated independence with functional mobility and activities of daily living.

After two weeks, Juan discharged home with his wife and family. He continues to participate in speech therapy on an outpatient basis, working on verbal expression, memory, and problem-solving.

"I would highly recommend Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital to anyone," Juan said, adding his therapists are "awesome." Juan is happy to be back home, enjoying home repairs, gardening, and yard work.