Cheryl W.

Cheryl W.

Cheryl Woosley's story begins with a torn ACL. For a mother of young children, that would be challenging enough. But complications soon left Cheryl clinging to life. Requiring a high level of medical care for an extended period of time, Cheryl came to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas.

On New Year's Day, Cheryl arrived at Vibra a very sick woman. She required a ventilator to breathe and had multiple wounds that needed healing. Cheryl had dysphagia and received her nutrition through a feeding tube.

Despite all that Cheryl faced, her recovery time was incredible.

After only four days, Cheryl could breathe without the ventilator. Another four days later and her tracheostomy was removed. Her wounds continued to heal. Occupational and physical therapy helped Cheryl regain strength and endurance. Speech therapy treated her dysphagia to progress her diet.

Cheryl made such incredible progress that she discharged from Vibra after just 15 days. She could breathe room air, eat a regular diet, and regained strength, balance, and endurance. Ready for a lower level-of-care, Cheryl remains determined to do as much as possible for herself. She is ecstatic to be closer to home and her precious children, whom she hasn't been near in several months.