Andrew R.

Andrew R.

Andrew Rich knew he needed to go to the emergency room. He had a history of COPD, which made his persistent shortness of breath a serious concern. Shortly after admitting to Chippenham Hospital, doctors placed him on mechanical ventilation. But Andrew's hospitalization proved challenging.

Due to his COPD history, complications included ongoing respiratory failure and bronchospasms. He could not wean from the ventilator, leading doctors to perform a tracheostomy. A PEG tube was also placed for nutrition.

Andrew's respiratory complications led him to Vibra Hospital of Richmond. At Vibra, he received aggressive ventilator management and weaning, along with specialized nursing care, 24-hour respiratory therapy, nutritional management, and rehabilitation services. This all occurred with 24-hour physician oversight and medical management.

Within a few days of arriving at Vibra, Andrew made noticeable progress. He began to tolerate trach collar trials. This is when humidified oxygen is delivered via a trach collar. He began a soft oral diet and working with his therapists in the therapy gym.

Andrew continued to progress until he could safely discharge home. On his discharge day, Andrew could breathe room air without any form of oxygen. He proudly returned home with home health services and ongoing pulmonary rehab for his COPD.