Carol D.

Carol D.

Carol Davis was less than two days into her dream job when the accident happened. Carol was the new house manager of a recovery home. The job had perks -- free rent, a paycheck, and four hours off in the afternoon she could spend writing -- but it meant so much more to Carol. "I try to change the world with my heart," Carol stated.

The fall that happened twice

That day, Carol tripped on a four-inch step at the house. In the fall, she fractured her pelvis. The paramedics came and transported Carol to the emergency department. X-rays revealed her broken pelvis. Carol would require rehabilitation before she could return back to her home and work. Carol's physicians arranged for a transfer to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Rancho Mirage.

Carol completed the inpatient therapy program at Vibra and returned home. Unfortunately, Carol fell again, sustaining additional fractures. This resulted in a second inpatient stay at Vibra.

Life before falling

To describe Carol's life as "active" would be a significant understatement. "I have a strong passion for life, and I keep very busy," Carol said. In addition to her new job, Carol is a published author and an Uber driver. She possesses a master's degree in science. When she had free time, Carol often spent it hiking and taking photographs.

"I love life so much!"

That doesn't mean Carol's life wasn't without its complications. Carol lives with Stage 4 emphysema. But Carol has a certain zest for life that helps her overcome these challenges. It allowed her to hike frequently and visit the Living Desert, one of her favorite sites to photograph. And it's something she'd call on during her rehabilitation journey.

Teamwork makes the dream work

For Carol, success meant returning to hiking, climbing, and walking independently. Her motivation to get back to "doing life" helped drive her recovery at Vibra. "I have places to go and things to do," she declared with vigor. "My whole purpose in life is to help others and encourage others. It's hard to do that being confined to a bed or a hospital room."

At Vibra, Carol found a team that could match her passion. "I felt such good energy after arriving at Vibra," Carol recalled. "Everyone was so kind and loving. I felt the whole hospital was here for me. I started in therapy right away, and just believed what my therapist told me. I trusted they knew what was best for me."

As her therapy progressed, Carol's independence increased. She credits the staff for playing a key role in her success. "The personal attention and love greatly influenced my recovery," Carol shared.

But it wasn't just one person that made the difference.

"Every single staff member stood out for different reasons," Carol noted. "Kylie assisted me with some non-medical problems that I had, which eased my anxiety. Bryce, the art therapist, I found to be so healing. He helped to relieve pain, as I was so scared and nervous about injuring myself again. I loved my physicians, who always ask what I needed to make me more comfortable. They really follow through!"

"I even saw the CEO pushing a broom one day," she added. "The staff impresses me that they pitch in like a family to get jobs done."

When Carol's inpatient stay came to an end, she would need additional therapy to further her recovery. "Todd McDonald assisted me with outpatient therapy," she stated. "And I am committed to continuing my therapy at home."

A life worth sharing

Carol's mantra is "even bad things happen to me good." This experience will be just one more that she draws on to help others. "Overall, I want to continue to help people and get back to my active lifestyle. I will offer my services as a volunteer driver and continue to write. I am currently writing a memoir of my life."