Mrs. Ettel

Mrs. Ettel

Mrs. Ettel is used to coming and going as she pleases. This means lots of time spent with family and friends and living an active lifestyle. But then she found it difficult to keep up that pace.

The struggle began with a fall in February. Mrs. Ettel bruised her pelvis in the fall, which slowed her significantly. She began exercising to regain her strength and recover from the fall when she fell as second time. This time, she fractured her pelvis. As a result, she could not walk on her own or take care of herself. That made living alone impossible.

Seeking out a solution, Mrs. Ettel met with her primary care physician. The fracture was non-operable, so her physician recommended Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Amarillo. At Vibra, she would receive therapy to help her regain her independence.

From her first day at Vibra, Mrs. Ettel worked hard. She pushed through the initial pain to get more flexible and less sore so she could do even more. She credits her therapists, Stacy and Nede, and nurses, Bebe and Heidi, for making her stay even better. When asked what motivated her, Mrs. Ettel said "I still have a lot of life to give and I'm not going to give up."

"I was in a car wreck when I was 17 and was not expected to live," she continued. "But here I did because I was determined not to give up. I have that same determination today to be healthy and happy!"

Mrs. Ettel looks forward to continuing therapy as an outpatient and exercising at home. She has two criteria for a successful recovery. The first is no longer needing a rolling walker. The second is to be able to get up and go as she did before her falls. Excited to return home, Mrs. Ettel hopes "this whole COVID-19 thing is gone soon so I can go get my hair done!"