Linda B.

Linda B.

Linda Buckley and her husband lived an active lifestyle. Linda performed many of the usual activities at home. In their leisure time, Linda and her husband loved going to antique car shows. But things changed suddenly when Linda contracted COVID-19.

The virus took a heavy toll on Linda's lungs. She required a ventilator to breathe and a stay in the ICU. Her condition continued to get worse before she began to heal. Linda developed bilateral deep vein thrombosis, or blood clots, in her lower extremities. She spent 17 days on the ventilator.

Once Linda became medically stable, she transferred to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley. As soon as she arrived, Vibra's medical team got to work. They developed an individualized plan of care for Linda focused on getting her home. Respiratory therapy weaned Linda off the ventilator. The rehab team helped her regain the ability to walk and perform self-care activities. Speech therapy worked on Linda's speaking and eating deficits.

Throughout her stay, Linda made great progress, regaining much of her strength. Once able to tolerate three hours of therapy per day, she transferred to an acute rehab facility. After a short rehab stay, Linda returned home to her husband and family.

"The support here [at Vibra] was absolutely wonderful," Linda reflected. "I could not have done it without the help of the entire team. Thank you, Vibra!"