Kelly H.

Kelly H.

Kelly Hilbert lived an active life with her husband and children. She loved her job as a supervisor at a local warehouse. Things were good for Kelly and her family.

Then, she contracted COVID-19.

The virus hit Kelly hard. Unable to breathe on her own, she wound up in the ICU on a ventilator. As the disease progressed, Kelly became completely debilitated. Just a short while before, Kelly was a strong woman living an active life. But she had become unable to even lift her arms and legs.

"I am a very active person, and there were days that I never thought I would get back to normal," Kelly said.

In need of specialized care, Kelly transferred to Vibra Hospital of Mahoning Valley. At Vibra, the physicians and respiratory therapists worked hard to liberate Kelly from the ventilator. Before long, she was breathing on her own.

But Kelly's progress didn't stop there. Still weak and debilitated, the rehabilitation staff worked to help Kelly regain her strength. First, they focused on sitting up at the edge of her bed. Initially, Kelly would be exhausted after five minutes of sitting. But soon, she could sit herself up and even transfer to a chair. Next, they worked on walking the hallways. They began with a walker, and by discharge, Kelly was walking independently.

Once Kelly's discharge day arrived, she returned home to her family and her job. "Everyone here was absolutely wonderful," she said. "The staff here was so positive and helped me to believe and pushed me to get back to normal."