Fernando D.

Fernando D.

For years, Fernando De La Rosa suffered from constant pain in his lumbar spine. No injury or event seemed to have caused the pain. Over time, the pain began to worsen, radiating down his legs. This led to muscle spasms, numbness, and tingling. This led Fernando to seek answers and hopefully treatment.

An MRI confirmed that Fernando had cord compression at the T10-T12 level. Initial attempts to treat him conservatively failed. Fernando then underwent surgery for a laminectomy and decompression.

After surgery, Fernando transferred to Highlands Rehabilitation Hospital. "I was in bad shape," he said reflecting on his admission to Highlands. Fernando couldn't walk or stand due to increased muscle weakness and deconditioning. "I felt terrible and afraid because I was not able to do anything for myself."

Two weeks later, Fernando can stand for longer periods of time with some assistance. He wheels himself around better without pain and is working toward his goal of walking without a walker.

"I want to show my wife that I can walk and do things on my own," he said. Fernando thanks God for his recovery and looks forward to returning home with his wife.

This is Fernando's third time as a patient at Highlands. "I have not been disappointed," he stated. "All the staff is excellent, and I'd like to take the chefs home with me."