Alana knew her neurological condition was progressing. Controlling her arm and leg movements had become increasingly difficult. Her coordination was decreasing, too. To regain her function and independence, Alana admitted to Vibra Rehabilitation Hospital of Denver.

Upon arrival at Vibra, Alana faced significant functional challenges. She couldn't sit at the edge of her bed without two people supporting her. She required a lift and two therapists to help with transfers. But Alana never let herself become discouraged.

Each day, Alana pushed herself in her therapy sessions. She always asked to do more and put extra effort in outside of these sessions. Giving up wasn't an option for Alana.

Soon, Alana began standing in a supportive frame. Then, she transitioned standing with the Bioness Vector, a bodyweight support machine. She made similar progress with her activities of daily living. At first, Alana needed increased time and effort to brush her teeth and hair. But thanks to her hard work, she no longer needs any help or adaptations.

Alana discharged from Vibra able to walk with a walker and go up-and-down stairs. She was completely independent with her activities of daily living, too. Alana's hard work and positive attitude always made those around her smile. Her hard work and dedication paid off, as she returned home with the support of her loving family after her stay.