Ronald S.

Ronald S.

The past two years have been rough for Ronald Stotz. Ron spent a year in a skilled nursing facility and another in assisted living. Wounds that wouldn't heal were keeping him from returning home. That led him to Vibra Hospital of the Central Dakotas.

"Wow, what a guy!" Ron's case manager at Vibra said. Ron is retired from the North Dakota State Penitentiary where he worked as a guard. He also served in the Vietnam war.

"I want to go home and I want to go to the races and have a beer!" Ron told his case manager. It would take some work, both from Ron and his interdisciplinary care team. But the goal made it easier to put in the work.

Ronald Stotz shares a beer with his son at the Dakota Speedway in Mandan, ND.Ron arrived at Vibra with significant functional deficits. He required assistance for transfers and getting dressed. Ron also experienced a lot of weakness and pain. Much of the pain was due to pressure exerted by excess fluid. His legs had a lot of swelling, and his diabetes made it hard for his wounds to heal.

Despite these challenges, Ron made great progress. Nutrition worked to adjust his dietary intake which set the table for his success. These changed helped him drain 24 pounds of excess fluid in two days. He also achieved near-perfect blood sugars and lost 56 pounds. With a healthier diet in place, Ron's wounds healed better and he began to regain his strength.

Now stronger, Ron's therapy sessions began reversing his functional deficits. He no longer required assistance with transfers, dressing, or toileting tasks. And for the first time in over a year, Ron began walking again. Staff provided safety awareness training to help him readjust.

Ron achieved all his goals during his stay at Vibra. He successfully discharged home, and on opening night at the Dakota Speedway, Ron was front and center with his son and a nice, cold beer!